• Perrysville Ave Pittsburgh, PA - Perry South

    The section above Marshall got re-paved last summer but they only patched (again) the section between marshall and Federal. The potholes re-open every time a plow or large vehicle hits them, and they are difficult to avoid with all the cars parked on-street on this stretch!

    It's time to tear up the road and re-pave, because the city's patch jobs never hold and the back streets in the area are even worse!

  • 1080 1398 Blvd Of The Allies Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Bluff
    There is a piece of exhaust or metal pipe on the road shoulder just at the end of the ramp from crosstown to blvd of the allies toward 376 E. It's been there for months and occasionally gets blown around by passing vehicles or high wind... should be removed before it causes another accident!