PW Admin Gail

  • Fernside And Moreland Alameda, CA 94501 - Alameda
    Chair dumped at Fernside and Moreland
  • 3000 Madison Avenue Alameda - Alameda
    Pothole reported in 3000 block of Madison. Dispatched #29 Ricardo.
  • Ferry Point At Atlantic Avenue Alameda - Alameda
    See email to Ricardo showing photo's. The pothole is just at the railroad tracks on Atlantic Avenue just before you get to Ferry Point Road. Dispatched #29 Ricardo
  • 1266 Weber Street Alameda - Alameda
    Jen Busch called about 1266 Weber, they have been having a back up. Husband dug up yard and snaked their part. Please come out on Friday morning if you can, Jen will be there after taking kids to school at 8 am. Phone is 415-264-5375. Please call her and she can show you all. Dispatched #81
  • Street Signs Archived
    Northwest Corner Of Central And Webster - Alameda
    No Parking sign knocked down, Tom #16 went and picked it up and put it in front of the sign shop.
  • Broadway At Calhoun - Alameda
    Large broken limb down in street. Sweeper #63 moved it off the street into the parking strip. Assigned to #29 Ricardo to remove limb.
  • 1112 Eagle Alameda - Alameda
    Across from 1112 Eagle the City trees need to be pruned using crown reduction because they are shadowing the community garden.
  • 1319 Pearl Street Alameda - Alameda
    Couch dumped in front of 1319 Pearl Street
  • Marina Village Alameda - Alameda
    This is on the HOA bicycle path just before the bridge over the lagoon. See attached photo. Please dig up the lifted areas and pour new asphalt. Assigned to PW Department Ricardo.
  • Street Signs Archived
    1616 Fortmann Way - Alameda
    Dave, please make Pat sign for in and out board to match Max A.. Thanks Gail
  • Main Street Alameda - Alameda
    O Club Parking Lot at the rear, storm drain metal cover is broken. Please fix.
  • 2300 Clement - Alameda
    Brown recliner on the north side of Clement Avenue Between Oak and Elm
  • Fir Place And Santa Cruz - Alameda
    Street Light #1111 fading fast, not shedding light and blinking on and off. Please replace light
  • San Antonio And Morten - Alameda
    Huge piles of dirt in the parking lane and into traffic lane. They have been there for several days. Contractor is Michael Smith Construction, he has an encroachment permit EN16-0081 for a dumpster, phone # 925-864-7625. Dirt causing drainage problems.
  • Chestnut And Encinal Alameda - Alameda
    Call from APD dispatcher about sewer overflow at Encinal and Chestnut. Dispatched #41 and #80 to scene. Report from #41 on the scene - no evidence of a sewer overflow in the area and two blocks on either side. There was a small amount of water in the gutter, like someone had thrown out a bucket of water. All clear at this time.
  • 930 Pacific Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 - Alameda
    APD Dispatch called in water from pipes leaking into street. Not sure what is leaking, please send someone to check it out. This came in on Thursday 4/7/2016 in the afternoon, dispatched #87 Gerald. Gerald found that it was a sump pump drainage out to the street that was ponding in front of the property. #81, Pat Papalagi and his crew went to the area and did work on the curb and gutter trying to open up the area so that it would drain into the culvert. I dispatched the street sweeper to clean up the standing water on Friday morning.
  • 2200 Clement Avenue Alameda - Alameda
    Glass on sidewalk on the north side of Clement at the corner of Clement and Oak Street. On the side of the street where the property is fenced off.
  • 2300 Block Of San Antonio - Alameda
    Dumped sofa and cabinet
  • 2153 Lincoln Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 - Alameda
    Dumping of chair and small table
  • 2059 Lincoln Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 - Alameda
    Illegal dumping of mattress, box spring, toilet and sofa at 2059 Lincoln Avenue