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    Veteren'S Way Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - Prince Albert

    with the increase of traffic through CYPA, it is time to create a LH turning lane into the airport, and an acceleration lane for vehicles entering Hwy55 back to town.

    we have them at other locations, and there is AMPLE room.

    My concerns are when leaving the Airport, the SW bound vehicles are not easily placed into the lanes.... can't tell if they are in the middle lane or the outside lane.

    There have been many "near misses" at that intersection, and with the continued increase in traffic, we WILL see a fatal accident in the near future.

    C'mon CityPA, time to create a safe lane at the airport.

  • 2995 Second Avenue West Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert

    Why hasn't the Fire Department and the City forced the Mall operators to remove the Chains from the Emergency Exit beside Winners?

    they have been notified more than once and still refuse to remove those chains putting people lives at risk!

    or is it OK to block a fire exit?

  • Riverside Dr Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert

    Another winter season is upon us. Is it too much to ask that snowmobilers do NOT use their snowmachines Within City Limits?

    Bylaw 11 directs that there be NO recreational snowmobiling within city limits.

    I ask that Drivers please obey the law, and the City to Enforce the bylaws.

    Why is the Snowmobile club allowed to Groom trails WITHIN City limits?

    This has been an ongoing issue for many many years.

    time to SeeClickFix it!!