Mark Miller

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    801 Dinwiddie Ave Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Richmond Precinct 1
    well where should i start? this whole section of the road looks nearly like gravel then asphalt. a manhole lid has huge chunk of chip in it. this road needs more then pothole fixed this road needs whole strip done. its really dangerious.
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    6417-6499 Elk Rd Richmond, VA 23224 - Brookhaven Farms
    tree branch hanging to close to the bottom kinda in angle of the street light. it might break at anytime
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    4611 W Broad St Richmond, VA 23230 - Monument Avenue Park
    back alley behind 7 eleven on westmoreland and broad has huge pothole
  • 6417 Elk Rd Richmond, Virginia - Brookhaven Farms

    Our Neighbors of this house are getting annoyed by this house. Its ADT alarm and we sent Fire Dept there they said they cant shut it off.

    They contacted previous owners daughter (mother that lived there is deceased) she said the bank owns it now. They also said they cancelled the service with ADT.

    I contacted ADT they said they need someone to go in and do something I said I dont have that kind of power.

  • 2201 Bywood Ln Richmond, VA 23224 - Brookhaven Farms
    Light fixture probably needs be replaced. Everytime you guys come out it burns out in a week which hasnt been working in months. Its only pole between brookhaven and bywood on elk rd.
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    5944 Hull Street Road Richmond, Virginia - Swanson
    Pothole on the southbound lane about the size of a football
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    Peyton Rd Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    This whole area on Peyton and 34th looks like a land mine with potholes
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    6417-6499 Elk Rd Richmond, VA 23224 - Brookhaven Farms
    i dont know if its considered a pothole or what it is. but i do know one thing if someone happens be walking down on that corner at night and isnt watching they will step right into this hole which leads under the street near where underground trench is at
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    453-463 Shafer St Richmond, VA 23220 - Vcu
    this big pothole is in alleyway of vcu parking garage between broad and grace on shafer. right next to end of road work sign
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    801 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Vcu
    sewer on laurel and broad is backed up when it rains
  • Laurel And Broad St Richmond Va - Westlake Hills
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    1111-1199 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Vcu
    pothole please fix in middle of street
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    6389 Elkhardt Lane Richmond, Virginia - Brookhaven Farms
    large potholes on the city side next to valero on elkhardt rd.. these pot holes are really deep leaving the gas station. its not on the properity but on street itself connected to parking lot.
  • 6405 Hull Street Rd Richmond, Virginia - Brookhaven Farms
    Grass is 3ft tall out in open between valeros and laundrymat.
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    601-699 E 4th St Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 1
    Road has football size potholes all over it
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    5407 Hull Street Rd Richmond, Virginia - South Garden
    Cant city of richmond paint the medians yellow or orange. I know in major cities around country they are painted atleast right at curves. When it rains early in the morning before daylight you cant till difference between median and a road and its responsible for 2 flat tires! I think whole city should be like that atleast have orange streaks on medians/curves that dont have grassy areas just for safety concern
  • 6405 Hull Street Rd Richmond, Virginia - Brookhaven Farms
    I keep putting in this request and city of richmond employee wants to get smart with me. Trees and weeds near 3 1/2 ft tall
  • 4246-4332 Hull Street Rd Richmond, Virginia - McGuire
    One is at southside plaza entrance other one is down the street in front of food lion both on hull st when it rains
  • 774-1008 Commerce Rd Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 1
    Commerce rd from gordon to hull st full of pot holes
  • 1-117 Giant Dr Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    Street light globe and light has falllen and shattered all over the street