• Edwards St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    at the corner of whitney & edwards, opposite planned parenthood, the button failed to work for walk signal. we waited 3 light cycles.
  • Willow Street New Haven, CT - East Rock

    willow street exit is extremely sharp & merges with another exit at an angle.

    it habitually has several lights out, making it even more dangerous.

    how is this possible? why so many years of inaction/shoddy work?

  • Graffiti Archived
    May St New Haven, Connecticut - Cedar Hill
    there has been a swastika on the stop sign of cedar hill & may for quite some time. please remove.
  • Farnam Drive Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden

    just before the entrance to east rock park, right at the top of the hill, the road narrows DRASTICALLY. i've had so many close calls here biking or running from either direction-- two in the past two days.

    two cars plus a pedestrian do not fit here, and cars rarely slow in time.

    can we please at the very least put up some signs to alert drivers? even better would be some stripes or words painted onto the ground. or, dare i say, a couple of speed humps?

  • Farnam Drive Hamden, CT - Hamden

    the top of farnam dr, right at the most perilous turn is beyond pothole-ridden, it needs to be completely resurfaced.

    the holes are very deep, and at points an entire car-length wide.

  • 395 Orange Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    there is a section of metal post jutting out from the sidewalk @ orange & trumbull. its not covered up & could hurt someone.
  • 598 Columbus Avenue New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill

    no pedestrian signals at several corners of this large intersection, where Ella T Grasso, Columbus Ave, Rte 1 & Davenport combine.

    This is an extremely dangerous place for pedestrians to try to cross, without a single time in the cycle where it is a completely dedicated signal for us without cars. I asked a man who sells newspapers there what the best way is to cross and he said "run fast, and pray."

    I'd say that is a horrendous way to welcome people to the edge of our city.

  • 630-652 State Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Town_Green
    AT&T hasn't shoveled sidewalks around lot on state st side
  • 721 Orange St New Haven, CT - East Rock

    no standing anytime? except for you, because you are special!

    bus stop- no standing? you are more important than those worthless bus riders!

    blocking sight lines of turning cars? no problem!

    putting pedestrians in danger? who cares about them anyway?

    these are examples from two short blocks today. it happens everywhere, all day, everyday, in new haven.

  • State And Fair St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    the no turn on red sign on the corner nearest the train tracks is down here, laying on the edge of the road.
  • 192-224 Orange St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    These signs are common in many communities, but I can't think of one location in New Haven where one exists.

    Can the city please install some on the narrowest roads?

  • Farnam Dr New Haven, CT - East Rock
    there are several bags of trash that have been dumped along english/farnam dr.
  • 34-82 State St New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    the tree on the corner of state street (just before the overpass across the street from knights of columbus, and next to the parking lot) needs trimming. the branches are below eye level of pedestrians
  • 1 Union Ave New Haven, CT - Downtown

    can the city add an in-road pedestrian sign to the crosswalk in front of the police station? there is space for a temporary, or even a more permanent one, in the raised median in the center of the road.

    i have had MANY near-misses with cars here when trying to cross to get to the train station.

  • Orange And Linden New Haven, CT - East Rock
    the in-road pedestrian sign seems to be missing from orange street in front of romeo's.
  • 192-224 Orange St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    so many issues on see click fix involve the need for more enforcement of traffic laws, and more protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

    the following things have happened to me in the past week (to help paint a picture of how many happen overall):

    i was cursed out in the crosswalk in front of the police station for daring to cross legally, because i'm a "b*tch" who thinks i can "walk wherever i want"

    i flipped over my handlebars after nearly being missed by a car running a red light, and then was nearly missed by the car speeding behind me. neither of the vehicles stopped to see if i was ok.

    i was cursed at for riding in line with sharrows on state street because i should "get out of the way" and "stay on the #$% sidewalk"

    a man and i, while crossing in a crosswalk, were violently honked at, despite crossing legally, and the fact that he was using a cane. when i challenged the driver honking, a stream of curse words came, and the driver behind him screamed "WELCOME TO NEW HAVEN, WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN"

    while waiting at a red light going straight towards the train station, with my bike physically stopped ON A SHARROW, a man got out of his BMW to ask me why i wasn't all the way over to the right (even though that is a turn lane and i wasn't turning) and when i explained why, he started screaming that i'm "supposed to let all the cars pass" since i was "blocking all the traffic" (while stopped at a light legally, and after keeping up with the flow of traffic for my entire trip) (and, "let all the cars pass"? so i should wait at each intersection until not one car exists?)

    with this level of aggression, it is a wonder we walk or bike at all.

    our city needs to take more serious steps towards protecting the roads most vulnerable users.

  • Orange & Humphrey New Haven, CT - SOHU

    near a manhole cover, in the lane traveling towards east rock park. very hazardous to cyclists, in line with sharrows. at night, it isn't well lit-- i had a very close call on my way home.

    please fix ASAP!

  • East Rock Rd & Livingston New Haven, CT - East Rock
    this intersection's crosswalks are gone, and it is a busy connection between the parks.
  • State And Bradley New Haven, CT - Downtown

    this was a little hole a few years ago, but now has grown to a size capable of fitting a rogue brick inside it.

    please fix; it is right in the travel lane of cyclists headed downtown on state.

  • Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike Fairfield, CT - Fairfield
    i am taking a guess at the map location, as i've only seen it from the metro north into NYC, there is a tent city located very near a highway entrance in fairfield, just before the tennis courts of a school (fairfield prep?). i wouldn't make a big fuss if they were peacefully coexisting, but the last time saw them, i noticed a huge pile of bikes. as a cyclist, who has had bikes stolen in the past, this is a huge red flag to me.