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  • 50 Parker Place New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    The city is redoing the damaged sidewalks on Mansion street that is very nice because they are in really bad shape.
    They let aside 2 squares of side walk (corner of Parker place and Mansion street) that are actually collapsing. They are stopping right before (see picture). That doestn’t make any sense. Please replace these two pieces of sidewalk too.

    Thank you

  • Car bulgar Archived
    Mansion Street New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Someone broke in my car probably around 4.30 am Saturday morning, it seems that a person has been seen in a back yard across the street at that time and ran away when he heard the owner of the house. It seemed at the first sight that they didn't take anything but they took a bag from my car. The bag didn't have anything in it that could interest a thief except 2 binders full of music sheets. I was wondering if maybe they could have dump it in another backyard around the neighborhood, seeing there was nothing interesting in it. The bag is dark green. I am just hoping to be able to recover the music. If someone find the bag or the binders please let me know. Thank you
  • Mansion Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Someone knock down the sign at the beginning of Mansion street 6 month ago during a snow storm. It has been laying on the sidewalk since then. Will it be possible to have it back up? Thank you.
  • Parker Place corner of Mansion street, New Haven, CT - East Shore
    this wire broke down several days ago and is hanging on the sidewalk. It is actually touching what seems to be an electrical wire. It may be dangerous, if a child touch it