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Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 675
  • Stenton Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy
    trash and litter all up and down Stenton Avenue especially at or near bus stops and places that offer fast food.
  • East Mount Airy And Stenton Avenues Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy

    Is it possible to place compact solar bins at this intersection? By Wednesdays (sometimes earlier) the trash is spilling out of the trash cans provided by the business at 633 East Mount Airy Avenue. This mess is not cleaned up until Fridays when trash is collected by the city.

    This is a problem that needs monitoring constantly b ecause the folks leaving the trash aren't neighbors but Septa transit riders. The dentist has removed the trash cans; they are broken anyway because the garbage people throw the cans all over after loading the garbage in the trucks. Now there are no more trash cans and people throw the trash on the ground.

  • Stenton Avenue from 600 blocks East Mt. Pleasant - East Wadsworth, Philadelphia, PA, 19119-1147 - Mount Airy
    Plastic and glass bottles, cans, food, food wrappers, cigarette boxes, cigar wrappers, disposable gloves. newspapers, etc. discarded all over Stenton Ave. and side streets.
  • Stenton Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy
    Roofers were working at 632 E. Allens Lane and left 2 open bags of trash on Stenton Avenue between the 600 blocks of E. Allens Lane and E. Mt. Airy Avenue.