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The problem of otter up and down Stenton Avenue remains the same.
The problem has not been resolved. The placement of Big Belly trash cans along Stenton Avenue would help alleviate some of the problems.
The abandoned car has been removed but there is still a lot of litter on the south side of Stenton Avenue. Big Belly trash cans might help. They have been placed along Germantown Avenue and there doesn’t seem to be much trash there. How can we get the Big Bekly trash cans on Stenton Avenue?
The trash behind the house on Allen's Lab
Ne has been cleaned up. The abandoned car on Stenton Avenue near Mount Airy has been removed. The trash issue on Stenton Avenue is ongoing.
The problem still exists all up and down Stenton Avenue but especially so at bus stops.
There is now an abandoned car on Stenton Avenue near Mount Airy Avenue.
The problem has not vanished. There is litter all up and down Stenton Avenue especially at and near bus stops.
The problem has remained the same all these days, weeks, months and years. Littering is a problem all up and down Stenton Avenue especially at bus stops. The public needs to be educated bout the need for clean streets . It would be helpful to place big belly trash cans near bus stops.
This problem has not gone away. There is trash all up and down Stenton Avenue especially near bus sops. The placement of big belly trash cans would probably help the problem but a city wide program to discourage people from littering is definitely needed.
I pick up trash almost every day and yet there's always more trash to replace it. Perhaps signs posted on subways, buses, and trolleys educating the public about the importance of clean, beautiful streets would be helpful. Transit riders are forbidden to eat and drink on public transit. Instead they eat and drink on the streets and throw their trash on the ground. Greater efforts should be taken to educate the public against littering on mass media, in schools, neighborhood associations, houses of worship, everywhere possible.
No, the problems are not fixed. Large trash cans should be in place and the public needs education about the importance of keeping the city clean, healthy, beautiful, and safe.
Image from Stenton and E. Mt. Airy
Photos from Feb. 25 at the intersection of Stenton and Mt. Airy Avenues.
The trash cans are no longer at this interesection. Trash is being left on the sidewalk, grass, alleys and streets.
This is an ongoing problem due to vehicle and foot traffic. Too many throw litter anywhere even if trash cans are nearby.
The open bags of trash are no longer there.