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  • Jaycee Park Dr Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    This is just an idea for the future of JC Park. I believe by reducing the size of this park would help in the long term. With just 1 Baseball Diamond , a clean field to play soccer, Basketball court, and a play area for the kids, and you have a sizeable picnic area in the woods. With the additional housing you have a safe clean enviroment with additional families to enjoy the Park. This will would give a boost to the area for buisness , Also to Note Hawthorne park is located only 1.4 miles west of JC Park
  • Karlwalter Dr Pontiac, MI 48341, USA - Pontiac
    There is alot of illegal dumping on this Lot, I believe it's owned by the City. It's not a secured location and looks very dangerous. The city will need a huge dumpster to remove the trash and to secure the lot to avoid further dumping
  • 1 59 W Pike St Pontiac, MI 48342, USA - Pontiac
    I have played with this lot before, I will share with you what I believe should be done with lot 9. I hope Leaders Look closely. But please share your thoughts. The Clinton River should be opened back up and used to improve Green Design Downtown. The facade of the Pheonix Center Should be lined with Offices and off the corner on Lot 9 should be the New Hotel / Convention Center as people look towards main street you have additional downtown venues in the new Downtown District Building. Please refer to Images. By the Way dont forget the New technology offices located east of Lot 9, where the clinton river is expose to greater depth. All along the Clinton River you will have Artistic Water fountians and floor fountians around the New Plazas
  • Demolish The Old Owen School Inilagay sa Artsibo
    1 89 E Columbia Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    It's Time the School District Takes Action and The City Takes Charge. Owen Elementary School should be demolished ASAP. This property would be a great Location for Additional Single family Homes. Also the commercial property line can be pushed back. I have Included an Image with Proposed Layout.
  • 1-85 S Merrimac St Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Support and Encourage the owner of this Property to put another addition that will include a restaurant / bar with outside seating facing the lake. A great Green Design. Also demolishing the building on the corner adding a nice south bound bus stop right next to a New fast food restaurant. Please reference Attached Image
  • 1429-1533 N Telegraph Dr Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    The City has done a good job with this Park but now it's time for more upgrades. Hawthorne Park sits at a great location for a High Usage Park. This Park should be made into a community attraction with Baseball Diamonds, Batting Cages, Bike Paths, Large Fishing Dock, Skate Park and Safe Clean Restrooms.
  • Light Signal Inilagay sa Artsibo
    8029-8033 Dixie Hwy Clarkston, MI 48346, USA - Oakland County
    it has been awhile since I have been that way but that light always needed to be fixed it was always hard to turn onto Big Lake Rd when going North on Dixie so put a signal in. This is an accident friendly light and also ticket friendly but if this was fixed i will take this report down
  • 1001-1099 Buffalo Park Dr Fort Mill, SC 29715, USA - US Congressional District SC5
    This is a student Crossing and most times kids from the highschool Nations Ford and others speed through this area. Need better signage and speed bumps.
  • 9179-9411 Farm House Dr Fort Mill, SC 29715, USA - US Congressional District SC5
    Farm House Road needs to be resurfaced and repaired
  • 449-699 N Cass Ave Pontiac, MI 48342, USA - Pontiac
    North Cass Avenue is a Road MDOT is scheduled to be repaired. Cost The Tax Payers Millions of Dollars. This road is no longer necessary and not in use. The City should ask MDOT not to repair North Cass and to invest in Ceasar Chavez. Mr Mayor Please look into it. I have attached proposed image
  • 454-456 W Walton Blvd Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    10 years ago the City came and destroyed the sidewalk ripping a piece out and cracking the others. If you look down the whole street you would see, this is the only portion that is damaged. I planted grass so that Pedestrians would not get hurt. Also there is no water drainage so water has damaged our whole yard over the years causing flooding in the back yard, our whole yard has dropped and has also caused our driveway to sink over a foot. We have been reporting this to the City for 10 years never has anyone bothered to come