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  • 1313 Spruce Street (Rear) Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Unsecured driveway acts as a place for prostitutes to turn tricks, public restroom, haven for drug deals and drug use, homeless dwelling, dog poop alley and a driveway in use 24 hours a day. I have also noticed a new tenant of this address that is doing quick deals with a certain silver van. People roam in and out all day and night long. I have more than enough photos of urinating, sex acts, drug use and basic filth.
    This property must be locked!
    This report is being filed from one of the highest-taxed private homes in center city and this is the view from my front door.
    This gate must be locked
  • 1324 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    The newly opened ballroom at the Arts Condominium has trucks parked on the Juniper Street sidewalk all day long. According to the front desk, it is a separately owned unit and they have nothing to do with the space or its issues. Party rental trucks pull on to the sidewalk for loading and unloading into a Juniper St. door. Morning until after midnight. This is not a loading zone but a pedestrian walkway. There were several trees planted in beds along this area that have all been run over and killed. Not only are they parking on the Juniper sidewalk, but also in the middle and blocking each end of Irving Street. PPA has been out numerous times but it just continues with the trucks getting tickets.
    Food garbage is carted out of the same Juniper St. door of the building into the dumpster for 1322 Locust. I have personally gone out and had the people remove the garbage. One repeat dumper is Stephen Starr events.
    Many more issues as well.
  • 1315 Spruce Street (Rear Of Building) Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    For years I have tolerated the garbage dump that is the backyard of William Way center. It has gotten so out of hand that I am now seeking assistance from any source. Food garbage sits outside for days and sometimes weeks. Old office equipment has been rotting out there for a month. I do not appreciate having a "community center" treat the community this way. My front door face this dump. What can be done? This photo shows current conditions.