• South Water Street New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    The "City Point Kitchen" restaurant (South Water Street) has placed a large sign advertising their business blocking the handicapped ramp leading up to the sidewalk.I Have a handicapped family member who lives in this area and resent this lack of consideration for others. Ironically, the restaurant owner is medical doctor! One would think he would know better. Placing the sign on city property is illegal. Blocking a handicapped ramp with a private business sign adds immoral to the mix.
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    196 Greenwich Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - City Point
    I spotted a large red fox in Kimberly Field around noon today in the overgrown area near the Kimberly Ave. Turnpike exit. Red foxes are generally nocturnal and known to carry rabbis. It is worry some when any nocturnal animal is roaming around in daylight. This often means the animal is sick. The park department should take notice and also trim back all overgrown grasses. This represents a danger to near by residents.
  • Kimberly Field New Haven, CT - Hill