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This looks like someone's back yard; is it?
Old issue; DPW, will you please close? Thanks.
Items picked up; please close issue. Thanks!
Gilbert St starts at Cedar St and ends at Howard Ave; it's 1 block long.
Issue Closed
Closing due to age.
Have you tried contacting LCI and asking them to do a check on the property? 203-946-7090
Laurie Lopez-Anastasio Neighborhood Specialist- Fair Haven 203-946-7732
Call the Health Department; you'll get a much faster response.946-6999
Margaret: if it's on private property, you will need to contact a tow company yourself; this is not a city issue, as has been explained to you. CleanUp: family dispute or not, information has been provided to answer the query. Cars shouldn't be blocking a right of way, but it's a private property issue and therefore the property owner will need to seek another avenue for redress.
Sent an e-mail o 5/23 to Ader Santana, regarding the need to have these two dangerous trees removed. No response yet.
If it's a working, plated vehicle, they don't charge me. If it's a junked/abandoned vehicle I call a junkyard directly for pickup and not a tow company. Sometimes they'll pay cash but they shouldn't charge.
No; NHPD will not remove vehicles from private property, only from city streets/property. You can call a towing and/or junkyard company to remove them, however.
Are people parking their cars on your property? I've called Lombard Towing in the past and I now have an agreement in place with them, where they'll come and tow anyone who parks on my property, no questions asked. Call them and see if they can help.
Yesterday (5/2) during the heavy winds, a branch fell and blocked Howard St. A neighbor dragged it out of the street so vehicles could pass. When are these trees going to be taken care of?
Issue Closed
Closing issue
Closing this due to age.
Today another branch fell and shattered the back windshield of a visitor's car as it was parked on the street. Is the City going to reimburse her to have this replaced? Why haven't these dead limbs been removed yet??
Issue Closed
Closing post per above comments
Have you tried calling LCI and filing a compliant? Their neighborhood specialist is responsive to issues in Fair Haven; the number is 203-946-7090 or 7732. Also, keep calling NHPD and filing noise complaints; it's important that the NHPD has it on record and that they send officers to investigate every time. Good luck!
The NHPD is the only department dealing with trespassing; I'd give them a call the next time. The commercial use of a residential property falls under LCI, at 203-946-7090. Pauley Morbidelli,
Neighborhood Specialist- East Shore/Quinn East