maria rojas

  • W 21st St & Utica Ave Lorain, OH, 44052, USA - Lorain
    Utica Ave from W 21st St. to W 24th St. needs to be repaired beyond belief. This road is so wavy it's like being on a rollercoaster. Even the busses that use this road to enter the drive to the high school bounce around especially on the craters on Utica and 23rd.
  • W. 28th St Lorain, Ohio - Lorain
    How does the city dig around a manhole on the corner of W. 28th St. and Reid, throw some Orange Barrels around it and call it a day. This has almost caused so many accidents I lost count after 100. Now you decide to put plastic over it and still leave it unfixed. REALLY!!!!! JUST FIX IT ALREADY!!!!!
  • Riverside Dr Lorain, Ohio - Lorain
    On this road a utility company dug up the road, on the corner of Riverside Dr. and Goble Dr., filled it in with dirt and rocks, and just left it. Now that spot is starting to break down and getting holes in it. Also the road ahead of it from Grove all the way to Tacoma has potholes also. This has been an issue for years now and the temporary fix has been an issue for about a year now. It's becoming ridiculous. JUST FIX IT ALREADY!!!!!!
  • FIX IT! Archived
    2958caroline Ave - Lorain
    WT* can't exactly drive on this one either!
  • 2958 Caroline Ave. - Lorain
  • 4727 Chelsea - Lorain
    the "HOLE" stretch from camden to chelsea!!!!!!