Katie C.

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  • Snow/Ice Removal Acknowledged
    3352-3398 11th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    The sidewalk around the dog park on this corner does not get shoveled or salted when it snows. I believe the park is owned by Metro but who is responsible for clearing the sidewalk- it is a hazard to the neighborhood!
  • 3212-3216 14th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    The pedestrian signals at this corner have been terrible ever since 14th st. was redone. People almost NEVER obey the pedestrian signals because there is often a "no walk" signal when it would be fine to cross. For example, there is a no walk signal when you are trying to go east/west across 14th at Kenyon even when the only cars with a green light are coming west on Park, where they are forced to make a right turn and head north on park. Pedestrians should be able to cross. Additionally, when the light for north/south traffic on 14th is green the pedestrian signal to cross over Kenyon street is "no walk" for the majority of the time, even though that is one way traffic. It doesn't make sense at all and pedestrians have quickly figured that out. No one trusts the signals and so they go whenever they want. I've seen people almost get hit or hold up traffic on multiple occasions. These signals need to be revised!
  • 2031 Florida Ave. Nw Washington, USA - Kalorama
    When crossing Florida Ave. NW south down Connecticut Ave. NW at the northwest corner of the intersection (right next to Russia House) the walk signal is extremely short and the first 5-6 seconds of this signal are often taken up by cars that are continuing to drive across the intersection going southwest on Florida Ave. This is not a few drivers running a red light. It happens almost every time. The problem is that the time between the yellow/red light and the walk signal is too short. I've seen many walkers who have seen a walk signal start to walk out into the street only to be nearly mowed down by cars that are still crossing the intersection. These cars need to be given a yellow/red light at least 5 seconds earlier so that there are no more cars coming when pedestrians start to walk.