Todd Woodson

  • Other Acknowledged
    401 S Laurel St Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    Dead tree by the park and new BikeShare Station. Please remove dead tree and replace with an appropriate species. Thanks.
  • Grafitti Archived
    2211 Rear W Main Street Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    The southernmost wall is heavily tagged on the freestanding garage. Reported well over a year ago and the city has not responded.
  • Other Archived
    1000 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 4
    Yield sign knocked down
  • Rear Of 2208 W Cary St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    In the alley between Cary, Main, Shields and Addison, neighbors have filled the recycle cans with trash. Recycling tagged the cans and nobody has picked up the garbage in months. It now looks like an invitation to dump garbage. If neighbors can't figure out the difference between trash and recycling then remove the cans.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Rear 2211 W Main St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    the southernmost side of the freestanding brick garage has multiple tags. Please remove.
  • 2211 Rear W Main St Richmond Virginia - King and Queen County
    the southernmost wall of freestanding garage in alley has been tagged several times. please remove. thanks.
  • 1100-1298 North 4th Street Richmond, Virginia - Gilpin
    Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond's oldest public cemetery, is covered with weeds and overgrown grass as well as dead and ivy covered trees. Please address the maintenance needs of this sacred public area.
  • Other Archived
    911 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    sidewalk has collapsed and there are areas where bricks are missing on sidewalk and on perimeter of tree well. This is a public safety concern as people can park, get out of their cars and break a leg. Please repair collapsed sidewalk and missing bricks.
  • Other Archived
    909 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    water meter cap is missing
  • Other Archived
    911 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    Signs telling motorists 2 way traffic ahead is crooked and grafittied.
  • Other Archived
    701 W Franklin St Richmond, Virginia - Vcu
    Drainage inlet for sewer is collapsed. Currently this is a public safety hazard. Located in Monroe Park between fountain and W Franklin st.
  • Rear 2211 W Main St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    freestanding garage has been tagged on the southern most wall.
  • 600 W Main St Richmond, VA - Vcu
    One half of the lighting in Monroe Park is currently non functioning. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Rear 2211 W Main St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Just a day or so after city painted over graffiti on this freestanding brick garage, somebody tagged it again.
  • 608 Idlewood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    city owned lot at idlewood and belvedere has grass and weeds over a foot tall. please cut.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Rear 2211 W Main St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The freestanding garage in the alley between Cary and main has been tagged. Access document on file with the city. Please remove. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    Alley Between 300 Block S Cherry And Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    This alley is prone to erosion issues- rutting, soil erosion, etc. I put 16 tons of topsoil and a railroad tie barrier bulkhead to grow grass on my property at 909=913 Idlewood because all the topsoil had washed down the hill. This alley is a prime candidate for alley renovation to mitigate stormwater runoff and possible contamination of water flooding into the cemetery.
  • 2211 W Main St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Mattress discarded in rear of 2211 W Main St.
  • 608 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    N / W Corner of Belvidere and Idlewood - please cut and trim the excessive vegetation
  • Other Archived
    913 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    The alley between Hollywood Cemetery and Cherry streets with entrance on Idlewood needs resurfacing. There is a pothole at the entrance which needs maintenance as well.