Bob Guy

  • 200 N State St Ansonia, CT, 06401, USA - Ansonia
    North State St and Woodbridge Ave. Should have a stop sign at this intersection somewhere. Car coming east on Forth St. must turn left onto Woodbridge Ave because North State becomes one way. On coming traffic from North State meets oncoming traffic going left to Woodbridge Ave. with no stop signs. Also a blind curve on North State make it impossible to see traffic crossing to Woodbridge Ave.
  • 91-95 Bridge Street Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    Lights are out at Perishing Drive and bridge St. Have been like this for over a year. This corner is very dark where people usually cross. Also lights are out at Tremont and E. Main St. The town has much too many dark areas because of the new, lower street lights that look cool but are ineffective.
  • 62-92 Hawthorne Avenue Derby, Connecticut - Derby
    Liberty Power has their people out today trying to get you to switch power generation companys. They are doing this after dark, also, they are pushy when you tell them that your not interested. I was almost reday to call the police, then they left.
  • South Division Street Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia
    Stop sign is down on the Stop & Shop entrance road that starts at North Division Street and ends near the gas station. I told Stop & Shop personal about it to no avail. It was probably hit by a car a few months back.
  • 124-244 Pershing Dr Ansonia, CT 06401, USA - Ansonia
    The traffic island at Clifton and Pershing Drive has no sign telling drivers headed North on Pershing Drive that they must go around it if they are taking a left turn onto Clifton Ave. Some drivers taking a left onto Clifton Ave. go in the wrong lane.