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  • Dewitt Mills Rd. - Hurley
    The bushes on the hillside obscure the view when coming from Dewitt Mills Rd. onto Lucas Avenue. Cars are supposed to slow down to 35MPH at this intersection, but few do. Perhaps a 4 Way stop would help.
  • Canal St. Port Ewen, NY - Port Ewen
    Fighting, innapropriate parties and music at all hours of the night at a rental on the corner of Canal St. and Cauldwell St. Has scared my child on more than one occasion hearing the verbal abuse from a male to a female at this location. They play loud music until all hours of the night.
  • 101-123 Canal St Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Port Ewen
    Two cars parked across from the Town of Esopus Library on Canal St. at top of hill. Plow couldn't plow road and Canal St. is down to one lane in dangerous area, cannot see cars coming up hill and coming out of Library. This is an ongoing issue with this homeowner!
  • Frank Sottile Blvd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    There is a turning lane to go onto Miron, but no traffic arrow. You take your chances between vehicles, or sit through MULTIPLE traffic lights to turn left.