First Selectman

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 515
  • Acreoss 53 Palmer St. Stonington, CT - Stonington
    Tree across the street needs cut
  • Heritage Dr Stonington, CT - Stonington
    Tree obstructing Road
  • East Neck Rd. Stonington, CT - Stonington
    Oak Trees Dangerous
  • 32 Moss St Pawcatuck, CT - Stonington
    Tree at the corner of Moss St & Palmer St is decayed and hollow inside.
  • 53 Palmer Street Pawcatuck, CT - Stonington
    Hollow Dangerous Tree across from 53 Palmer needs to be addressed
  • 15 Moss St. Pawcatuck, CT - Stonington
    Mr. Barlow would like to talk with tree warden regarding tree near his yeard
  • Driveway edge Acknowledged
    162 Flanders Rd Stonington, CT - Stonington
    Edge of the drive way lip is too high which damaging car
  • Mowing Archived
    Flanders Rd Stonington, CT - Stonington

    Portion of Flanders Road between Dean's Mill and Pellegrino and/or Pequot Trail needs to be mowed. It has now become a safety hazard pulling in and out of driveways and I am concerned that there will soon be an accident

    Aimee Tooker contacted me

  • Low Hangin tree Acknowledged
    10 Wilford Ct Pawcatuck, CT - Stonington
    Second request by Bob Myers email-
  • Bad Pothole Archived
    Elm St. Stonington , CT - Stonington
  • 9 Cutter Mystic, CT - Stonington
    Hello Mr. Haberek,
    I’m writing to you since my letter to the highway department seems to have gone unheeded.
    The trees in my neighborhood (Seaport Heights) hang too low to allow passing by my motorhome without severe potential damage. This RV requires 12 ½ feet of clearance to avoid touching antennas and air conditioner covers even when conditions are ideal and dry. The trees are much too low. When they are wet some of them are less than 8 feet clearance!
    I’m not sure who is responsible for damage that might occur. I have already had one broken cover.
    It would be most helpful if you could clear heights on Clipper Drive, Sloop Lane, Pleasant Street and Schooner and Cutter Drives (the latter two might be okay as is).
    -winston Barrows
    860-536-6365 h
    860-912-7109 c
  • Flooding Archived
    Billings St Stonington, CT - Stonington
    Flooding in Billings & Avery St area
  • Potholes Archived
    Palmer St pawcatuck, CT - Stonington
    Poholes at end of street