• 238 Winthrop St Rehoboth, Massachusetts - Bristol County
    Huge pothole on 44 West, approximately half a mile east of this location.
  • 38-40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    On Park Avenue just east of Warwick Avenue is a pothole that was filled recently but is now depressed. Taxpayers get whacked twice. Please respond.
  • 40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Park Ave. just east of Warwick Ave. is a pot hole that was filled in but not fully. As a result, bang. Taxpayers get whacked twice.
  • 40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    New pothole getting larger by the day on Park Ave. heading west 50 yards before Route 10 onramp. Get an alignment, whack, another one is allowed to develop. The $75 million surely could have been better utilized.
  • Pot hole Archived
    40 River St Cranston, Rhode Island - Cranston
    Large pot holes causes big bang in right lane on Commerce Way in Seekonk heading out of Showcase Cinemas towards Route 6.
  • Huge Pothole Archived
    Hope & John Streets Providence, RI - Providence
    There is a huge pothole at the corner of Hope & John Streets that causes a loud bang and loss of tire pressure.
  • Trash Archived
    43 Providence Place Providence, RI - Downtown
    There is way too much trash blowing around littering the entrances to many of the Providence Place Mall's ground floor establishments. It's an easy enough fix, but I can't pick it all up by myself.
  • Corner Of Warwick Ave. And Park Ave. Cranston, RI - Cranston
    There is much work needed to still be done at the corner of Park Ave. and Warwick, Ave. This is no way to make a good appearance for the state or to encourage business. Please advise as to the status. Thank you.
  • 754 Pontiac Ave. Cranston, RI - Cranston
    Heading north on Pontiac Ave. admiring the well manicured lawns and attractive homes (after Garden City Dr. and before Woodlawn Funeral Home.), there is a sunken sewer cover that causes a big bang, loss of tire pressure and contributes to a need for a re-alignment.
  • Park Ave. (100 Yds. East Of Reservoir Ave.) Cranston, RI 02910, USA - Cranston
    A sunken sewer cover causes a big bang when travelled over. It's right in the line of travel and results in lost tire pressure and alignment damage.
  • Pot hole Archived
    Corner Of Warwick Ave. And Park Ave. Cranston, RI - Cranston
    Heading north on Warwick Ave. and just after one takes a right onto Park Ave. there is a small pot hole directly in the path of the tires that I must hit 4-5 times a day. Incredibly frustrating and damaging. It takes 1/4 to 1/3 lb. of air out of my tires each time. So now, instead of heading home, I head to the Sunoco Station in Pawtuxet Village, only to find that the air is broken. I then head to a Shell gas station, where I have a credit card and used to get free air and now get whacked a buck a pop. It's an easy fix and would save many unnecessary trips to the filling station and/or alignment-front end expenses. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
  • Park Ave. Cranston, RI - Cranston
    There are a few sewer covers sunken into the road that deflate the tires and ruin an alignment. They are on Park Ave. between Warwick Ave. and Roger Williams Park.