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  • 3400 W School House Lane Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    When is the Streets Department going to do something about traffic on this roa? We have begged, we have pleaded. Today, I was doing the speed limit when a small red (of course) car passed me doing about 50. This is a double yellow lined no passing zone. At least install STOP signs on School House at Vaux and Apalogen. They won't deter the crazies but they might slow other people down. The speed limit is 25. 40+ is routine and there no sidewalks along part of this area making crossing the street mid-block if you are walking, both a necessity and a real adventure. Help! Streets Department, Councilman Jones. Please.
  • 4701 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    Ali Baba, the limo business is a bad neighbor. Streets Dept. and L&I should cite for blocking the sidewalk with large planters and for routinely parking one m or more vehicles in the driveway protruding completely across the sidewalk blocking pedestrians. In addition, there is an arbor across the sidewalk-is that legal? Photo taken last week.
  • 4436 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    This property is illegally occupied by five students. The Phila Code allows no more than three unrelated persons, In addition, dollars to donuts, the lease do not comply with the Educational Housing Ordinance. Owners address does not show on the BRT records but theirs names are: Chelsea and James O'Brien. Licenses and Inspections should deal with this. Help please, Councilman Jones. Make the landlords comply with the law and make sure they have a rental license too.
  • 4910 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    The sidewalks on both sides of Ridge
    Avenue on the bridge across the Wissahickon, right near the bus stop and the Wissahickon Transfer Center are unshoveled and very icy. Many bus passengers and other pedestrians use these sidewalks. They are City property and have not been touched, except by feet. Councilman Jones,
    this is your district. Help please. And while y ou are at it, get SEPTA to shovel its sidewalks to and from the Transfer Center, a full 36' wide and free of ice. Thanks
  • 3714-3798 W School House Ln Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - East Falls
    Philadelphia Housing Authority never shovels its sidewalk along School House Lane. Councilman Jones, please get on their case. This is a dangerous area to walk in the street. The walk is clear along the Westrum property and then it is a mess. Walked home from Manayunk last night. We had a choice: trudge through the untouched snow or walk int he street.
  • 5001 Ridge Avenue - Manayunk
    SEPTA did not shovel a thirty-six inch wide path for the many pedestrians in this area. Where it did shovel, it cleared about 12-16 inches. Not good enough!
  • Ridge Avenue Wissahickon Transfer Station Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    SEPTA seems not to know that the City requires a thirty-six inch wide clear path. Where it shoveled, the path is 12-16 inches wide. Given the number of pedestrians in the area, that is not wide enough.
  • Ridge Avenue Wissahickon Transfer Station Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    SEPTA_Please tell the drivers leaving the Wissahickon Transfer Station that many cyclists use Ridge Avenue. Today, a route 38 bus with the number 5808 painted on the bus, almost took my life at 3:33 P.M. That bus exited the station and never slowed down to look. Had I not taken evasive action, I would not be able to write this. The driver, I believe a female based on hair length, did not look. She pulled out, turned right and zoomed up the ramp to the highway. SEPTA, give us a brake! If SEPTA bothers to acknowledge this, at this site, I will send an affidavit if Septa will take disciplinary action. I am not holding my breath. I guess it takes injury or death to get that.
  • Penn St. And Also 3300 Block W. School House Lane Philadelphia, PA - East Falls

    In the last week , we have had several more instances of flying school buses. The drivers ignore the posted speed limits.

    The bus company pays lip service to safety. In both cases, the bus belonged to Atlantic Transportation aka Atlantic Express.

    Councilman Jones, Streets Department, we want this stopped.

  • Ridge Ve And Midvale Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - East Falls
    At 12:17 this afternoon, July 17, SEPTA bus no. 5775 (painted number) was idling on Ridge Avenue just below Midvale Ave. while the driver sat on a bench under a tree. There is a "no idling" sign right there!
    When I said something, he gave me a long song and dance.
  • 4023 Apalogen Road Phila, PA 19129, USA - East Falls
    Trash/recycling trucks left a pile of glass and broken scissors etc in the middle of the road on May 10, 2010
  • Speeding Acknowledged
    3300-3400 School House Lane Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - East Falls
    Speed limit is 25. Cars routinely do 40 mph or more.