Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 530
  • 820 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    Several potholes all over the left two lanes of EB Vine Street approaching 8th.
  • 718 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    Trenches were recently cut into this block of Arch Street (which was just repaved this fall) and neighboring streets but have not been refilled. Especially dangerous for bikers.
  • 314 N 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - Callowhill
    Once again, the manhole in this intersection is sinking and has become very dangerous. This was briefly fixed a while back but quickly started sinking again. Please note: putting a cone or barrier in it does NOT fix the problem! Rather it only makes it more difficult to navigate the intersection given the obstructed view to the right traveling eastbound on Wood Street. Fix it already!
  • 19-23 S Springfield Rd Clifton Heights, PA 19018, USA - Clifton Heights
    There is an increasingly large sinkhole in the right lane of westbound Springfield Road in front of the old Clifton Heights municipal building. Any car traveling in the right lane will likely hit it with its right wheel.