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I've noticed the same problem. My dog and I walk from Sherman, down Maple, and then take Edgewood home. There are at least 6 or 7 piles of poop right outside homes, on sidewalks, and in the streets.
All one has to do is bring a few plastic bags from the grocery store with you on your walk and there are public trash cans all over. Of course you could just man up and carry it home to dispose of it. Picking up poop is part of having a dog for a companion. I'm not sure if people are lazy or they don't know any better. Either way, I agree It's a big problem!
Good to know and thanks! It's funny that you mentioned it. I was thinking I'd make one with a wooden mop handle I have kicking around, a large nail, and some Duct tape
Yaakov, that's super that your helping out! Most people just walk right by the litter...I think I'll start bringing a trash bag or two with me on my dog walks!
So glad Cardozo is home and safe!
xo-jae ( New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine )
Hi, if you'd like you are welcome to stop by New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine with the kitty you found and we can scan her for a microchip. We are open 24/7! Also, if you are able to either post a picture or if you stop by we can take her photo and at it to your post!
You may want to be careful when handling her,not to scare you, but there is know way to know her vaccine history or if she's even vaccinated....just something to keep in mind for both your safety and the safety of other pets in your home should you have any!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. And thank you for taking part in helping a potentially lost pet find her way home!
jae ( New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine )

Francis-yes identification is very important. However, I am posting this missing dog as a courtesy to his owners and don't know the full situation as to how he went missing. I only hope that he is reunited with owners very soon.
Thank you for your concern. And, yes, if you could be on the look out that would be much appreciated!

jae ( New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine )

Thank you! I'm sure Nipper's family would be super happy to know you are keeping an eye out!
Thank you Crystal!... I'm sure Terrance and his family would very much appreciate that! :)
If found please call 1-888-466-3242
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Yay! xo-jae
yr very welcome!...He's very handsome...If we hear or get any calls at Central Hosp. We will contact you ASAP!...Hope he gets home safe...and soon!
It says West Haven in the header/title...are you able to post a picture?
Here is a picture of Holly that her family sent for me to post...thanks

I'm not sure if you can read the above...but there IS in fact a description of Diego.
It's under the heading "New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine also asked..."
If your unable to see it here it is.........

New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine also asked...
Q. What is the dog's name? A. Diego
Q. What sex is the dog? A. Male
Q. Please describe your dog A. 6 Years and 2 month old, Male, Beige Chihuahua, with white spot on forehead

FYI-Most of these missing pets are NOT posted by the owner(s) themselves...but are from they're pet's microchip company. Then the information is posted here via New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine. That being said. The only information we have is what we are sent.
Sometimes there is a picture included which gets posted as well. Unfortunately Diego's information did not include a picture.

Thank you for your interest in wanting Diego to find his way home!

Issue Closed
Spoke with owner...and dog has been found...and is home safe!
So happy to hear that Shelby is home safe!
Stephanie, I apologize, I was told that Zipper was with his owner. Also I will make note regarding calling local shelters as well.
Thanks for posting!
Zipper has been found!
have you seen this sweet boy? He's been missing since Sunday evening...keep a look out!