vicki bruner

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 3,055
  • 807 W Clay Street [In Alley Behind House] Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    household items/open food containers/cat feces/
    all dumped and spewed all over the alley behind the house
  • 410 Gilmer Street Richmond, Virginia - Carver
  • 811 W Clay Street [Carver] Richmond, Virginia - Carver
  • 801 W. Clay Street/Dumping On Gilmer St Richmond, Virginia - Oak Grove
  • Other Open
    400 Block Of Gilmer Street Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    There is only 1 sidewalk on one side of the street on Gilmer.The other side of the street [where there should be a sidewalk] is always covered with trash/weeds and mud.
    Due to the increased traffic on this street/it makes walking quite difficult and dangerous.
    Can we please get another sidewalk like other neighborhoods have?
  • 801 W Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    apparently they have changed their address to 801 W. CLAY ST
    if anyone from the city can come and look at this ongoing eyesore/they will obviously see it as you cant miss it if you come down gilmer street and its all dumped behind that store on the corner [801 w. clay st]
  • 811 W. Clay St[In The Alley Behind House] Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    discarded household items [large sofa] and trash all over alley for a couple months.
  • Alley Behind 800 Block Of W Marshal St Richmond, Virginia - Capitol District
    trash and discarded furniture all over alley
    broken glass everywhere
  • 'Rat Alley' Behind 800 Block Of Clay Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    there is trash/debris/discarded furniture and yard debris all along the alley behind the 800 block of clay street
  • 800 W Clay St [Carver] Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    the business on the corner of 800 w clay street continues to dump trash/debris/household items and open food behind the building immediatley next to 408
    gilmer street.
    This has been going on for MONTHS.
    same trash and junk is there.
    please help!!!!!!