• Pothole Archived
    5494-5498 Bancroft Avenue Oakland, California - Fairfax Business-Wentworth-Holland
    there was a pothole here that looks like it was patched but it's quickly become a dangerous pothole again.
  • Pothole Archived
    527 23rd Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - South Kennedy Tract
    Large pothole that spans the whole lane. Unavoidable if you're trying to follow the road to the freeway on ramp.
  • 2901 22nd Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Tuxedo
    Internal trunk cover from a car dumped me in weeds on sidewalk. Has been there for over a month.
  • 2138-2198 East 29th Street Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Tuxedo
    There are two wooden tables and one child's you car on the E. 29th street side of the corner. It was dumped there late last night (Thursday 5/1) or earlier this morning (Friday, 5/2).
  • Pothole Archived
    3052-3098 14th Avenue Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    The pothole is on the northbound traffic side in the left lane right behind the "keep clear" area of the intersection.
  • 191 Lincoln Way San Francisco, CA 94122 - San Francisco
    It is dangerous for bikers and pedestrians coming down kezar and crossing to lincoln. The drivers who are waiting to cross the intersection eastbound are only looking in one direction. We need signs for them to look BOTH ways.
  • 2170 Lincoln Way San Francisco, CA 00 - US Congressional District CA8
    Those who use the lincoln sidewalk as a bike path beware! There is a gap at the Lincoln and 22nd Ave intersection between the pavement and the slope up to the sidewalk! They've stripped some of the pavement and did not put up any signs.