• 4401 Southern Pkwy Louisville/Jefferson County, KY 40214, USA - Wilder Park
    The sidewalk on the north side of this property (running along the side of W Florence Ave) is becoming overgrown with tall grass and thick weeds. Brush is thick all around a telephone pole and guide wires making the sidewalk impassable.
  • 517 W Woodlawn Ave Louisville, KY - Beechmont
    The front yard has weeds taller than 6 feet.
  • 4559 S 3rd St Louisville, KY 40214, USA - Beechmont
    The lawn is mowed, the easement between the sidewalk and street has enough brush and weeds to hide some sheep.
  • 5500 5598 Outer Loop Louisville/Jefferson County, KY 40219, USA - Louisville/Jefferson County metro
    The sidewalk has become impassable with overgrown brush and trees. Location: Inside curve on the south side of Outer Loop just before the RiteAid pharmacy on the corner of Shepherdsville Rd.
  • 4645 Bellevue Ave - Beechmont
    The sidewalk (on the east side of Bellevue Ave, just north of W Woodlawn Ave) has been broken apart and uneven for some time as a result of a utility pole and its current and past guidewires. Recently a small portion (approx 1'x1') has begun to sink excessively.
  • 147-149 Central Ave Louisville, KY 40209, USA - University
    The left hand turning lane (from eastbound Central Ave to northbound S Floyd St) always turns green even when there are no cars waiting to turn. This holds up westbound Central Ave traffic for no reason.
  • Noltemeyer Wynde Ct Louisville, KY 40219, USA - Louisville/Jefferson County metro
    The road markings are in poor shape or non-existent in both directions on Outer Loop at this intersection. Stop lines are almost completely gone. The road surface is scattered with fragments of lines & arrows from various paintings over the years. All previous markings should be removed and new markings, arrows, and lines should be repainted.