• 1390-1398 S Township Line Rd Royersford, PA 19468, USA - Montgomery County
    This light fails completely at detecting vehicles on Township Line Rd. This condition seems to only exist during the late night hours. I usually drive home anywhere between 1 and 4 AM and I have had to wait for unreasonable lengths of time before I just drive through the red light.
  • Riteaid South Lewis Road, Upper Providence Township, PA 19468, United States of America - Royersford
    The light fails to detect vehicles on main st. Wait times of over 5 minutes have been observed. The trouble usually manifests later at night
  • 100 Bridge Street Spring City, Pennsylvania - Spring City
    With the LinfieldTrappe bridge out and Rte 23 closed in Phoenixville, a lot of traffic is diverted into spring City and Royersford. Traffic on N Main St. does not stop turning onto E. Bridge St. and the result is that traffic backs up along E Bridge St.until thee is no room for any traffic turning left from Bridge St. A "no turn on red" sign would be an acceptable and equitable way to solve this problem.
  • 639-699 Creamery Road Telford, Pennsylvania - Montgomery County
    Either the state or the township should either remove the stop signs at the intersection of Creamery Rd. and Morwood Rd. or start enforcing it. I almost got rtear ended today when I stopped for the sign and the guy behind me didn't.
  • 34-98 East Bridge Street Spring City, Pennsylvania - Spring City
    Due to the bridge closure at Linfield and the Rte 23 Detour, traffic on Bridge St. backs up all the way to Rte 724 around rush hour.
    This is because the traffic on N Main St. in Spring City continues to make right turns on red even when opposing traffic has the green arrow for a left turn. E. Bridge St fills up completely and the traffic coming down Bridge St heading east has nowhere to go. A" No Turn On Red"
    sign for traffic on N Main St. would fix this
  • 347-399 River Road Collegeville, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    The brush has gotten so overgrown that you have to pull halfway out onto Township Line Rd from River Rd. The sight distance to the left towards the one lane bridge isn't too bad, but the sight distance to the right is practically non-existant
  • 143 River Road Collegeville, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    The grass has grown so high on this already high berm that traffic pulling out of River Rd onto Germantown Pike only has a sight distance of about 50 - 100 ft
  • 506 Pennsylvania 113 Telford, PA - Montgomery County
    The light timing for SB traffic on Allentown Rd. at Rte 113 is entirely too short. It backs up fairly bad during the morning rush...sometimes for 8-9 light cycles before you can get to the light.
  • Cathill Rd Sellersville, PA - Bucks County
    The roadway is crumbling and always washed out due to an underground spring that has found it's way to the surface. It should be piped away from the road and the road then repaired. In the past, all that has ever been done is to resurface the area. That lasts about a week or so and then right back to the same problem
  • Cathill Rd Sellersville, PA - Sellersville
    There is a pothole on the NW corner of the intersection of Farmers Lane and Cathill Road. It literally threw my truc off of the roadway last night and in the process thre windows that I had in the back of my truck got broken. This needs to be fixed before someone gets seriously injured.
  • 1050 Pennsylvania 309 Montgomeryville, PA - Montgomery Township
    The right hand lane has a very serious road heave. I was almost thrown off of the roadway when I hit this with my work truck. This needs to be milled and repaved at the very least. NJDOT could do it in 2 days; PennDOT wil take 2 years.
  • 356 Harleysville Pike Harleysville, PA - Harleysville
    The roadway is seriously wasboarded on the eastbound 113 lane. It's bad enough getting thrown around like a rag doll in my work truck but on my motorcycle it is downright suicidal
  • 4 S Allentown Rd Telford, PA 18969, USA - Montgomery County
    There is a large pot hole on the SE corner as a result of the old house being torn down.
  • 944 998 Allentown Rd Telford, PA 18969, USA - Montgomery County
    The new sewer system has a manhole that always has a stream of liquid coming from it. It's located Northbound Allentown Rd. just before the Perkiomen Creek Bridge
  • New Mill Rd Norristown, PA 19403, USA - Valley Forge Mountain
    When will the slip ramp to the Expo Center be done? How many more road rage incidents will it take to get this done? The road going back to the Expo is there...all that is needed is a ramp coming off of the off ramp to New Mill Rd. It would get all that traffic off of Egypt rd and make getting to the Expo so much easier
  • 1501 Egypt Rd Collegeville, PA 19426, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    The timing of the light at Egypt Rd coming from Station Ave is only 7 seconds long. Given the amount of traffic on Station Ave now that the bridge, Expo Ctr, Lowes ,BJ's and Target are open, this is entirely too short. If there is opposing traffic, or someone in front of you tries to make a left turn, you might have to wait through several cycles just to get across the intersection. I work here and have seen people just blow right through the light if no-one is coming. The alternative is to cut through the residential area along Brower Ave. I wonder how those folks would feel about this?
  • 1350 1398 Allentown Rd Lansdale, PA 19446, USA - Towamencin
    How long is this project going to drag on? I can see the milk flowing. Maybe the guys working here would like a Laz-E-Boy to sit on