• 6029-6055 Executive Blvd Rockville, MD, 20852, USA - North Bethesda
    multiple old trees are dropping large and heavy limbs, causing a significant hazard to life and property along the street and sidewalk. Trees need to be assessed and trimmed to prevent further issues.
  • Street Repair Archived
    12000–12086 Towne Rd Rockville 20852, United States - North Bethesda
    Crosswalk needed from Pike and Rose to the office buildings, across Towne
  • Street Repair Archived
    11915 Hunters Ln Rockville 20852, United States - North Bethesda
    There is a misalignment between the concrete of the sewer drain and road that is hazardous; it could cause damage to vehicles that drive over it or could cause an accident if a driver swerves to avoid it. Please assess and remedy as soon as possible.
  • 8835 Doves Fly Way Laurel, Maryland - North Laurel
    Pedestrian rising sign has been knocked down again (west side of Doves Fly Way) and isn’t laying by the roadside
  • Pothole Archived
    10451 Scaggsville Rd Laurel, MD 20723, USA - North Laurel
    A patch (utility co?) has completely sunken, forming a fairly deep pothole on the right side of the lane heading westbound.
  • 4700-4702 Randolph Road North Bethesda, Maryland - North Bethesda
    The left green light is out (seen when traveling westbound on Randolph Rd) at the intersection of Rocking Horse Rd and Randolph Rd.
  • Montrose Parkway North Bethesda, Maryland - North Bethesda
    Shopping cart abandoned on bike path on the north side of Montrose Parkway
  • 12133 Selfridge Road Silver Spring, Maryland - Wheaton-Glenmont
    For traffic heading Westbound on Randolph Road during the morning rush, the traffic light at Selfridge Road is often RED when the traffic light at Viers Mill Road turns GREEN. This results in only a few cars of Westbound traffic being able to proceed through a single light cycle at Viers Mill Road because traffic backs up from Selfridge Road, across Viers Mill Road (with many people dangerously blocking the box), and back toward Bushey Drive. Coordination of the Selfridge Road and Viers Mill Road traffic lights for the morning rush would greatly improve traffic flow and help to eliminate a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    11411 Marriottsville Rd Owings Mills, MD - US Congressional District MD2
    Deep pothole on the right hand side of Marriottsville Road when traveling East-bound
  • 4708 Bradley Blvd Bethesda, MD 20815, USA - Bethesda
    Bradley Blvd is not wide enough for cars to successfully make a U-turn (initially going west-bound on Bradley Blvd, then U-turning to go east-bound). Cars attempt this maneuver and then have to make a three-point turn, holding up traffic and creating a dangerous situation.
  • 4816-4898 Wellington Dr Bethesda, MD 20815, USA - Bethesda
    Pot hole in the middle of Wellington Drive causes a driving hazard.