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  • 31501-31699 Little Mack Ave Roseville, MI 48066, USA - Roseville
    Flashing yellow goes to Red which Mdot explains how the light works and flashing yellow does not go to RED via mdot's youtube video.
  • 15 Mile Road And Ryan Road Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA - Sterling Heights

    Two things wrong at this intersection.
    First one is 15 mile road traffic with cars going eastbound using the left hand turn lane on the westbound side (the one cars use to turn left onto Ryan and head south) to make there left turns into the shopping plaza on 15 mile road. It's a double yellow line but a lot of people ignore it and almost got into an accident more than 10 times because of this.

    Second issue is the left turn light is only a green arrow for not even 5 seconds and this only allows one or two cars to turn left on the green arrow while two or three cars turn on red because they have been waiting in the turn lane for over 2 mins.


  • 15 Mile Road And Dodge Park Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    There is a no turn on red sign on Dodge park turning right onto 15 mile going Westbound. With cars on 15 mile road turning left onto dodge park going northbound, it would be safe for drivers to turn with a green arrow onto 15 mile westbound. It would allow traffic to not build up in the right turning lane while waiting for a Green light.
  • 35777 Van Dyke Ave Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    This light on 15 mile road in front of the plant is a hassle as the area is not heavily traffic to the point where the light is needed. I have never seen a car pull out of this plant all the times I go to work and come home or even get gas over on mound in the past two years when I'm sitting there wasting my gas at a Red Light. Removing the light would be appropriate or even replacing it with a roundabout would be a better solution.