Jesse B

Rang: Vigilante municipal Points Civiques: 585
  • 300 Long Wharf Drive New Haven Connecticut - Long Wharf
    I love the food trucks and all the changes that have been made to this area but could we restrict the food vendors to providing (at a minimum) Paper plates, paper containers, Paper Cups, Paper STRAWS??? The fact that there's sea gulls all over, even if the trash is thrown away the bird may pull it right back out. If you look in the rocks on the shore all you see are Styrofoam plates and food containers. I can't imagine how much of it gets blown directly into the water as well. I understand it's extra cost for the vendors but they can afford to raise prices and be a much "Greener" food vendor area.
    I'd also like a ban on glass bottles too (possibly) since there's broken glass all over.
  • 760 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - 770 Chapel Big
    I know it's from a previous tenant that
    moved to nyc. A bike locked to a street sign has been there for a year now.
  • 78 Stanley Street New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Found maybe >1yr old orange male cat. All he wants is love, so affectionate. He was outside crying his head off this morning. This is definitely someone's pet. I'm going to try to bring him to animal Haven in North haven.