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  • 1736 Harvard Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    truck sitting not moved at 1736 Harvard Ave N.W. Please remove for overtime parking
  • 1521 Harvard Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    This car has been turned in MANY times and it still sits there, We try to keep our streets clean of cars just sitting for months at a time, The tires have been marked twice and the car STILL sits there not moved since the tires were marked the last time... My next call will be to the Mayors office to see if some one is doing thier jobs.
  • Health Hazard Arquivada
    1612 Frazer Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    I know for a fact that this home owner has been cited for water bills,property board ups and what ever taxs are not paid and this place is just a joke. i stopped by to compile this little bit of info and found rodents running about. the colors are vibrant there. when do we rid ourselves of these type of homes within canton.. go cite to COURT until the property is maintained thank you in these matters.
  • 1523 Logan Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The Bonnie 30 ft truck that was parking behind home on Carmen ct n.w has moved to the parking lot at little flower family practice. just decided to move it to another property next store.
    so much for moving a commercial truck out of our Neighborhood, we listen every morning to the rev of the engine until it's tanks are filled with air so he can get it to move.
  • 324 15th St N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This white Dodge truck (plate # GOA7522) has been sitting on street for 3 weeks without moving.. Flat tire on rear pass side.. Please have it removed!
  • Pothole Arquivada
    1520 Harvard Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    pot holes in street needs repaired
  • Pothole Arquivada
    1500-1600 Block Of Carman Ct N.W. (Alley) Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Large pot holes mostly at Little flower family practice office
  • 607 19 Th St N.W./ And Corner 19 Th N.W And Woodland Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Here we GO again Spring not even here and 10 kids playing basket ball in the streets... Not so bad if they would move when there is traffic, BUT they DONT Please remove them so we don't have to drive past them playing in the streets.
  • Other Arquivada
    17 Th St And Harvard Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Trailer has been sitting on 17 Th and Harvard ave for weeks snow plows can not do their jobs. traffic to heavy on that stretch of road. please remove from road way
  • 1614 Harvard Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Car wrecked where it has sat. Parts on street where it was hit I believe the tags are expired, sits in a bad on a hill, can't see on coming traffic please remove from the street
  • 1614 Harvard Ave N. W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Lic# FSF 2066 This car has been wrecked where it sat on ( parts scattered on road)Harvard, I believe that the tags are expired, If not It sits week after week on a hill where you cant see other on coming traffic please remove from street
  • 1521 Harvard Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    sand colored suv HBP 3875 tags are expired and the suv has been wrecked pass side. Has not been driven in weeks and weeks (stolen?)
  • 1629 Harvard Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This place just keeps adding more and more junk to the driveway. Lumber,trees roofing materials etc the drive is cluttered with junk.. can we please get this place cleaned up.looks like s-it.
  • 1532 19th St N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This car is sitting in a bad spot as go down the hill on 19 th st it has been sitting there for at least 3 months, it's time for it to go
  • 30 Th St N.E./ Harmont Ave N.E. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Grass is at least 3' tall on this corner lot, Please get it mowed
  • 3534 Coventry N.E. Corner Lot Canton, Ohio - Canton
    this lot has grass 3 1/2 foot high
  • Potholes Arquivada
    15th Harvard Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    15th to 18th st on harvard ave n.W.
  • Alleys Canton, Ohio - US Congressional District OH16
    Are Alleys between market and cleveland ave N.W. 15th st n.w to 18 th st n.w. are full of pot holes i can't find the time to search them all, but they have been forgotten. us whom have driveways behind our homes are beating are cars to death. please send HELP!
  • 1614 Arthur Ct N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Here we go once again, this property has been turned so many time, year after year. The grass the home is nothing but a pit. the owners name is Robyn Watson Parcel # 220586. The taxes have not been paid since 8/10/2013. That totals to 7,418.15 in back taxes. yes it has been turned in so many times that click fix tells us just that, and still nothing is done with the property.
  • 1550 Logan Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This car has been sitting in front of said address for quite some time 2 flat tires on drivers side, now the plates have expired needs to be removed from the street