Rank: Heman Civic Points: 8,380
  • 16th/Yale N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    once again hoops in the street, please remove before children get bay a car thank you
  • Corner Case N.W. And Arthur N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    fenced in property, every year we complain about this property and it goes on and on
  • 417/421 16th St N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    421 is not occupied/ 417 is occupied
  • Fulton Rd N.W/ 8th St N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Black Jag has been sitting there for months just off Fulton Rd on 8th st n.w. please take it off the roadway
  • 1529 Yale Ave N.W .-1522 Frazer Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    I thought we had this Issue resolved, Oh well Kids playing Basket ball in street will not move when approached by drivers, Hoop at Yale in clear violation of law. Tires stacked on top of base in road way. Please have them removed. Vassar Park
  • pot holes Archived
    15 Th St N. W Between( Harvard And Woodlawn. Canton, Ohio - Canton
  • Rear 1625 Yale On Banner Ct N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This truck still sitting in rear of apt Expired plates
    Once again can you remove it ? it has already been tagged for over time parking.
  • Pothole Archived
    16 Th And Yale N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Pot holes on the corner of 16 th and yale n.w as to where your tires go down in it and bottom out
  • Rear 1623/1625 Yale N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This pick up has been sitting since plates expired Red in color. Please remove this eye sore from our neighborhood, more blite
  • 1541 Frazer N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This car sits in the one way alley off 16Th St N.W. on the side of 1541 Frazer ave N.W. Has been sitting for ever no plate no sticker on the car White in color please have it removed
  • 16 Th And Frazer N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This town and country has been sitting not moved for months, has exp tags and is kind of in the way to make the turn from Frazer onto 16Th St N.W. Please remove
  • Corner Of 16th And Frazer Canton, Ohio - Canton
  • 1512 Frazer Ave N>W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This rental once is being reported for Building materials and household items that have been left across the side walks in front of property, uncut grass another problem.. this owner needs to be responsible for above property, this has been an on going property.
  • High Grass Archived
    1600 Frazer N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property was tore down last year due to a fire.. The Grass has yet to be mowed this year 1 1/2 foot high
  • 1614 Arthur Ct N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property was just turned in a couple of weeks ago and now again..
    High grass, broken windows and now the front door has been kicked on and the building has been entered. This place needs to be bordered up so no one can enter, get the property cleaned up. we go over and over this property why do we keep duplication on these same properties??
  • 1720 Vassar Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property has High grass,old tires, that will draw unwanted insects. used auto parts laying in breeze way next to house.. very,very unkept
  • 17 Th St And Oberlin N.W. Corner Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property is over grown by grass and weeds, the property if think is empty at this writing.makes everything around the home look like S-- T please contact the owner about this eye sore
  • Trash Archived
    Corner Of Clover N.W Ave And Shorb N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This trash has been sitting in the alley on Clover for TWO weeks and has not been picked up ?? this will need a box to get everything into it this includes tires.. Gus has been to this site before and cleaned it up for us this is now blowing in the neighbors yards and down the alley. Thanks Gus in advance
  • Frazer Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The signage on the corner of Frazer and Alta N.W. has a strap that is broke and the signage is falling off the pole.
  • 1718 Frazer Ave N.W. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This car has been sitting in front of this address for at least 3 weeks with a rear flat tire can we please have the tires chalked and removed from the street