• 2134 Oakley Ave S St Petersburg, Florida - NA - MELROSE MERCY/PINE ACRES NBRHD ASSN
    2147 keeps throwing their trash in the alley right by my house. They have alot of children whom they send to throw out trash and on many occasions I've caught the children throwing trash anywhere from a distance and when i say hey pick that up they run off. I've even went as far as going to 2147 and telling the adults what the kids were doing and they had them go pick it up but they never picked all up! Its a constant thing with this trash dumping on my property and i'm extremely sick of it its discussing. I call code every other day or month and still nothing is being done about it. It's not fair to me i pay for my trash water and all im sick of this please HELP!
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    2120 Oakley Avenue South St. Petersburg, FL 33712, USA - NA - MELROSE MERCY/PINE ACRES NBRHD ASSN
    Lot next to my home needs to be cut immediately because bugs and rodents are coming inside my home my disabled son and I are both allergic to some grasses also slot of other things like bugs and can not dump my trash in the trash can in the ally due to the grass being so high. Please fix this problem asap. Thank you.
    Ms. Simirah Battle