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  • Trash Cans Archived
    1390 Park Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    The plastic trash cans around Pope Park and well the rest of the city need to be bolted or weighed down. People keep moving them around and putting them in the middle of the street. Also when the wind blows really hard it has moved a couple cans into the street.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1462-1516 Park Street Hartford, Connecticut - Parkville
    There is a line of several small to medium pot hole along Park Street right before the Fastrak/Rail overpass. They continue to grow in numbers so its getting harder and harder to avoid not hitting all them, a lot of cars are driving slightly across the yellow lines into oncoming traffic to aviod them
  • Crosswalks Acknowledged
    231 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Could you add a Watch for Pedestrians sings and make the red light a blinking red light, many people run the red light and seem oblivious to it..... Kids that take field trips to the capitol use this crosswalk
  • 41-81 Union Place Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Many DPW workers who are working in the downtown area are smoking cigarettes while operating heavy machinery. This is creating a very dangerous situation and not to mention the litter of cigarette butts they are causing. DPW needs to create a policy that does not allow smoking while operating machinery or even better while worker. On a side note some of the buildings they are working around are smoke-free that ban smoking near entrances and yet the DPW workers are smoking there while working.
  • 2-40 Union Place Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    At the corner of Union Place and Allyn Street a new sidewalk was installed. They removed the handicap ramp from the sidewalk and replace it with a 6 inch drop off. Not sure if the ramp was removed on purpose or installed wrong but it needs to be corrected asap. People with disabilities, the elderly and mothers with strollers can not use this sidewalk as is.
  • Cross walks Archived
    274-294 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    I wanted to see if you could paint crosswalks at this intersection, Lots of cars run the red lights when pedestrians are trying to cross. Several people don't even realize you can cross there
  • Street signs Archived
    14 Hungerford Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
  • 305 Church Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Every Sunday several people (10-15 cars) are illegally parking along the south side of Church Street from Ann St. to High St. while attending church at Saint Patrick - Saint Anthony Church. HPA isn't around and doesn't answer calls on Sundays and when I spoke to a police officer driving around and patrolling in the area he responded "they're going to church so its ok" and didn't do anything. These illegally parked cars are blocking traffic, creating a safety hazard with the large greyhound buses that drive down the street and just set a bad example that certain people get certain privileges and don't have to follow the law. Also the church owns the parking lot across the street where they're patrons can park for free so there is no reason to allow this illegal parking.
  • Parks Archived
    40-88 Trinity Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Can we look into installing Dog waste stations or at least spread the trash cans out more evenly in the park. I see lots of people not cleaning up after their dogs and this might encourage them to do so as well as make the park a more inviting place.
  • 185 Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Every single day I see people paying for street parking after 6pm and hear people complaining about having to pay for parking in Hartford. I try to inform them its free after 6pm but the signs only state 2 hour parking 8pm-6pm so it 50-50 if they believe me. Also on the parking authority's websites it is doesn't clearly state that it is free. This is the only place i found that states it's free Putting up signs or having the the Meters shut down at 6pm would solve this problem and encourage more people to come to the city. Also its just wrong to 'trick' people into paying for free parking.
  • Crosswalks Archived
    2-40 Union Place Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    The crosswalk button on the corner in front of the Holiday Inn isn't working, it doesn't light up or beep when you hit it. The other 3 buttons seem to not work all the time either. If they could be double checked too.
  • Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    I wanted to see if the city would look into installing a light near the foot path bridge that hugs the train tracks and crosses the I-84 on-ramp. It is a very poorly light area and with the closing of Flower Street more people are using it and once the CTfastrak opens more people should be using it also.
  • Pothole Archived
    Whitehead Highway Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Taking Whitehead highway east and going under the overpass there are dozens of potholes.. no way to avoid them and it cause people to brake abruptly
  • 147-193 Wethersfield Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South Green
    Heading South on Wethersfield Ave. from the Maple Ave intersection the road is just horrible and littered with potholes and cracks and gaps in the road. Lots of damage to cars you travel down it regularly. It probably need resurfaced but at least fill the pot holes and try to flatten it out till summer when you can tear it up and fix it.
  • 30 High Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Can we sync the traffic lights at the High St & Allyn St Intersection and Asylum St & High St intersection better. Also just work on the timing of High St & Allyn St Intersection light, sometime it turns red and the crosswalk starts to countdown from 40 and no cars come. On that point the lights downtown used to change to blinking light on the weekends and evening due to low traffic volume can you look into doing that again.
  • 440 Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    The crosswalk Button on the Southeast side of the intersection isn't working. All 3 other button work within seconds of being pushed but the one located on the Bushnell Park side farthest from the tunnel doesn't work at all. I always have to walk to the other button to push it and sometime people just standing there waiting and waiting not knowing the button doesn't work.
  • Farmington Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    I think it would be great if we could build a dog park somewhere near downtown. I know a lot of people have dogs and the park would get a lot of use. I thought the place where occupy Hartford took place would be a good spot but I don't know if the city owns the land. If a park isn't possible it would be nice if some dog waste bins and bags station could be put up in Bushnell Park to encourage owners to pick up after their dogs. Maybe some business would sponsor the park or stations to cover the cost and have the park named after them or maybe selling ad space on the fences or waste stations like some little league fields do.
  • 71-129 High Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    I wanted to see if we could stop people from putting flyers on car windows at night in downtown. The flyers end up thrown all over the place and they are usually promoting material not suitable for children. Also if it rains or is really humid the flyers get 'glued' to the car window and people have to go to the car wash or use an ice scraper to remove them. I saw one car where it actually damaged the paint on his car. We need to stop allowing people to do this and the police need to take notice and stop it
  • Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    I want to get a hug pothole in the black asphalt sidewalk that run next to the train tracks in Bushnell Park fix. This hole has been there for years and every winter it fills with water and freezes creating a hug safety hazard. I've seen people in wheelchairs, baby strollers, and young children have trouble with this pothole. A lot of people use this walkway, even more now that flower street is closed to pedestrians, including kids walking to school. During winter it becomes filled with ice and takes a long time to melt and I've seen lots of people fall hard on it.