• 500-514 Olive St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    Street sign is bent. It is impossible to read the name.
  • Sign Falling Archived
    7th And Lincoln Highway Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    The sign beside the bump out in front of the Midway is falling. It is leaning west on the sidewalk.
  • 300 Walnut Street Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    When the water company repaved Walnut, they made the incline too much on 3rd. Now, no matter where you go down 3rd, you scrape your car. No other street has this bad of a difference. They can't just keep pouring pavement on top of pavement without fixing the grade of 3rd.
  • 700 Block Lumber Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    The couch is actually on the old hardware store lot owned by the RDA. It has been there for 3 weeks. Its match is just one lot to the west. Thrown out just the same.
  • 100 Block East Diamond Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
  • 200 Block E Diamond Alley Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    Couches and cushions for over a week now. This could turn into a bigger pile in a matter of no time! This shouldn't be allowed to remain!
  • 116-118 E Lincoln Hwy Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    These signs are placed all throughout the business district. They are plastered on vacant properties. There are phone numbers on the signs so the owner of the signs could be contacted to be made aware of solicitation policies that are on the books in the city. These signs, and others like them, make the business district look less than business like. If the property owner is fine with it, there is nothing to be done but they should not be placed on city property! The events are also happening in Norristown. They are not even benefiting the city.
  • 101-141 Harmony St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    The buildings that line Lincoln Highway also back up to Harmony Street. These buildings represent our fine city but they are doing it a disservice. They look horrible. They are not taking care of the back and it shows. Trash overflows dumpsters and weeds plague the parking lots and sidewalks.
  • 227 Chestnut Street Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    Near the Post office people are parking in front of hydrants. This is very dangerous to local residents.
  • 205 Coates St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    This trash has been sitting, rotting in the same spot for over 3 weeks. I know I am not the only person to drive this direction. Why is this still here?
  • Mt Pleasant Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    At this location, someone has placed tires out for regular trash. The trash company does not take them so they will just sit there.
  • 539 Black Horse Hill Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    The weeds are so high in the front of this property that a pedestrian cannot safely walk these sidewalks. They are obviously overgrown and I am not sure how they have not been noticed by anyone else. They are flowering!
  • Grafitti Archived
    Ash Park Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    ALL of the Born Learning Trail Signs have been written on. These were donated to our community and it is a disgrace that someone would do this! ALSO, Someone spray painted a trash can! It sat at the park ALL day like that.
  • Ash Park South 3rd Ave Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    Many of the benches are broken at Ash Park
  • Grafitti Archived
    100 Block Lumber Street Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    There is "crip" grafitti on the park sign at Friendship Park.
  • 218 Walnut St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    This house has been left to sit and rot in the City of Coatesville. Concerned citizens came to council to speak about this property over a year ago. This house has been sitting abandoned for 5+ years. It was the front page picture in an article about vacant properties in the City of Coatesville last year. NOTHING has been done about this property. It is an eyesore, it is dangerous, it is attracting stray animals and also criminal activity. Something needs to be done about it. The owners should be made to fix it up or tear it down completely! A "shower area" is exposed in the back of the property. It is a horrible site for residents to be subjected to everyday.
  • 100-200 Block E Lincoln Highway Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    Throughout the city, especially in the business district, there are many old phone booths. There are no phones in the booths. There is plenty of graffiti and trash in them though. These booths are just another place for people to bring down the appearance of our city and create a sense of lawlessness. Would it be possible to have the companies come retrieve their booths? In the photo you will see graffiti. It has already been removed by Officer Ollis. I am only reporting the booths.
  • Oak Street Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    2 locations have stop signs with spray paint that cannot be removed. They need to be replaced.
  • 102 N 3rd Ave Coatesville, PA - Coatesville
    This picture was taken approx 2pm on Monday 1/16/2012. This is a weekly event. This is against city code. Responsible parties should be held accountable.