Robert Prinz

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 79,630
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    1100–1108 16th Ave Oakland 94606, United States - East Peralta

    The construction traffic control for southbound 16th Ave approaching Embarcadero is insanely bad for bike and pedestrian safety and needs to be fixed ASAP. The only sidewalk is the east side of 16th Ave and is closed off where 16th curves around to meet Embarcadero, so pedestrians can’t reach the only crosswalk crossing Embarcadero without walking into the street through this blind curve.

    Similarly the bike lane on southbound 16th is blocked with a “bikes may use full lane” sign, but only right after the blind curve so the sign can’t be seen until the last second, forcing bike riders to swerve into the travel lane right at a location where there is also gnarly pavement due to an abandoned railroad track that people have been reporting for years but still hasn’t been removed.

    This situation is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Please follow up now before someone is badly injured.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    825 W Macarthur Blvd Oakland 94608, United States - Longfellow
    The utility crew that repaved and re-striped westbound W MacArthur between West and Market Street after their project earlier this year never added back the bike stencils in the bike lane, and they missed replacing many of the hash marks between between the bike lane and parking aisle. This was a fairly new bike lane so please send the utility crew back out to make sure every single stencil and stripe is replaced. Thanks.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    4738 West St Oakland 94608, United States - Longfellow
    51st St from West to MLK was resurfaced last year but the stop letters on both ends of the block were never repainted. I reported this at that time but the issue was never followed up on. Given that the mayor used this block’s resurfacing as a press event, it would be great for public works to finally follow through and complete this job. Thanks.
  • 1074 53rd St Oakland 94608, United States - Gaskill
    At the curb outside 1074 53rd St eastbound. This is a bike boulevard route.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    292–298 Whitmore St Oakland 94611, United States - Piedmont Avenue
    Westbound Whitmore St at Broadway tonight at 8:35pm, the traffic signal cycled all the way through for traffic on Broadway but never gave me on my bike a green light, even though I was waiting right on top of the detector stencil. After some cars showed up in the opposite direction and another long wait despite little Broadway traffic the light finally turned green. Please fix.
  • 250 Frank H Ogawa Plaza Oakland 94612, United States - Downtown

    Every day there are vehicles parked at red curbs all around the north side of Frank Ogawa Plaza, especially on 16th St from Telegraph Ave to Clay St, on Clay St from San Pablo Ave to 14th St, and on San Pablo around the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza. A great many of these are city vehicles including police, fire, parking enforcement, and other City of Oakland vehicles, as well as various delivery trucks. Just this week I even saw a police vehicle parked at a red curb in front of a fire hydrant.

    The red curbs exist to daylight intersections and increase visibility between drivers and pedestrians in crosswalks. I know parking is tough Downtown but by blocking red curbs these drivers are blocking visibility and reducing street safety. It’s bad enough when random drivers do this, but when our own police, fire, and parking enforcement folks do the same thing it sets a terrible standard while also impacting safety negatively.

    I encourage you to please take efforts to better manage the parking and loading situation around Frank Ogawa Plaza and City Hall, before someone is badly injured. I also recommend protecting the red curbs with paint/bollard bulb outs in the short term, to actively discourage drivers from misusing these spaces.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    3900 Piedmont Ave Oakland 94611, United States - Piedmont Avenue
    Construction on sidewalk on west side of Piedmont between Monte Vista and Montell leaves less than one foot of clearance and has no signed pedestrian detour. Please follow up with the crew responsible for this project to ensure proper construction traffic controls are implemented.
  • 2905 Telegraph Ave Berkeley CA 94705, United States - Berkeley
    Ped signal on the NE corner of Telegraph and Russell has the countdown stuck at the number 10, which shows both during the walk phase and the solid red hand phase.
  • 5831 Telegraph Ave Oakland CA 94609, United States - Bushrod
    Eastbound 59th St at Telegraph, traffic signal failed to detect me on my bicycle waiting right on top of the detector stencil. Signal cycled through for Telegraph but never gave me a green light eastbound on 59th.
  • 659–699 W Grand Ave Oakland CA 94612, United States - San Pablo Gateway
    Rightmost lane of NB MLK Jr Way, in the intersection with W Grand, right in line with where bicyclists ride
  • 1538–1598 Lakeside Dr Oakland CA 94612, United States - Lake Merritt
    In the bike lane on Lakeside just before the crosswalk at 17th St
  • 1930–2018 Lakeshore Ave Oakland CA 94606, United States - Cleveland Heights
    Southbound Lakeshore Ave in the travel lane through the curve between Wayne and Hanover
  • 2201–2203 Mandela Pkwy Oakland Ca 94607 United States - Clawson
    Southbound Mandela just south of Peralta, rightmost lane next to the bike lane
  • 834 54th St Oakland Ca 94608 United States - Santa Fe
    In front of 844 54th St
  • 5301–5399 Genoa St Oakland Ca 94608 United States - Santa Fe
    Pothole in the crosswalk on 54th St just east of Genoa.
  • 666 Bellevue Ave Oakland Ca 94610 United States - Lakeside
    Eastbound Grand Ave between Harrison and Bay Place, multiple McGwire & Hester vehicles parked in and blocking the bike lane with to traffic controls or signage. Contractors are working on the Measure DD funded Lakeside Green Street project. Please follow up to fix this issue & ensure all future construction traffic controls are safe and appropriate.
  • 5301–5399 Genoa St Oakland Ca 94608 United States - Santa Fe
    Southbound Genoa before 52nd St, there is a deep dip in the roadway just past the sharrow bike marking, across from 5216 Genoa. It is hard to see after dark and could cause a crash, please fix.
  • 5995–5999 Keith Ave Oakland Ca 94618 United States - Rockridge
    The 3 flex posts separating the bikeway and right turn lane on Keith Ave closest to the intersection with Broadway have been knocked down again. Please replace them, this time hopefully with a more substantial bollard that will not require weekly attention.
  • 845 56th St Oakland Ca 94608 United States - Santa Fe
    Sinkhole in front of 845 56th St, eastbound
  • 47 Clay St Oakland Ca 94607 United States - Old City-Produce And Waterfront
    Embarcadero West just west of Clay, next to the bike share station. A large pothole was filled with gravel, which is not a sufficient fix and creates an added danger for anyone who tries to bike through this spot.