Robert Prinz

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 96,505
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    601–613 55th St Oakland 94609, United States - Bushrod

    On March 18 at approximately 9:45pm the traffic signal for eastbound 55th Street at Shattuck failed to detect me on my bicycle. A car traveling westbound on 55th at Shattuck did get a green, but my side of the street stayed red. I sat through two signal phases this way but never got a green until a car showed up behind me.

    This issue has been reported multiple times, marked as resolved, but then becomes an issue again. Regardless of whether the actuation is fixed, please change the phasing so that both sides of 55th always get a green light simultaneously, even if traffic is only detected on one side. And if the actuation can not be adjusted to reliably detect bikes in all conditions, this signal should be placed on a recall, not actuated, phasing 24/7.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    4533–4553 Shellmound St Emeryville 94608, United States - Clawson
    Electric sign announcing closure of the Bay Bridge bike path for the Oakland Marathon is itself blocking the bike lane on southbound Shellmound just before the 40th Street bridge. Please relocate the sign so that the bike lane is kept clear and safe to use.
  • 5991–5999 Keith Ave Oakland 94618, United States - Rockridge
    This morning at 10am the bike signal for eastbound Keith crossing Broadway failed to detect me and one other bike rider. We waited through two full signal phases but the bike signal never went green. Please fix.
  • 3119–3127 Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Hoover-Foster
    West side of Market St just north of 31st St, the red curbs around the car wash driveways and ahead of the intersection need to be repainted. Drivers regularly park at these spots blocking the sight lines between the street and pedestrians entering the crosswalk at 31st.
  • 3100 San Pablo Ave Oakland 94608, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Southbound Market St before 31st St, “pedestrian crossing ahead” sign on the sidewalk run over and knocked down. Please replace.
  • 4000–4026 Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Longfellow
    giant pothole, NE corner of Market at 40th St, in the crosswalk, very likely to cause a bike crash or pedestrian trip/fall. Please fix asap & place barricades around the hole if there will be a rain delay
  • 1478–1628 Mandela Pkwy Oakland 94607, United States - Oak Center
    Big pothole in the rightmost travel lane on northbound Mandela Parkway between 12th and 14th Streets.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    39th St Oakland 94609, United States - Temescal
    Pedestrian signal buttons on SW corner of 40th and the MacArthur BART frontage road are inaccessible due to BART plaza construction fencing. Yesterday at 7:15pm I waited here to cross 40th and never got a green light. Please either ensure that the walk signal call buttons are accessible throughout construction, or preferably just put this signal on constant pedestrian recall 24/7 so a button press is not necessary.
  • 5400–5498 Genoa St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    SE corner of 55th St and Genoa, flooding occurring during most rain events. The sewer grate on 55th just south of Genoa appears to be clear but the water is still pooling anyway. Please come check it out, as this issue is flooding the crosswalk, thanks!
  • 700–718 55th St Oakland 94609, United States - Bushrod
    Westbound in the travel lane, across from 701 55th St.
  • 670 55th St Oakland 94609, United States - Bushrod
    Westbound 55th St before Genoa, on the bike lane line. Series of 4 potholes, all marked. Please fill them all.
  • 676 55th St Oakland 94609, United States - Bushrod
    Westbound travel lane outside 676 55th St. NOT the same as the other pothole I just reported, next to this one. DO NOT combine these reports.
  • 670 55th St Oakland 94609 United States - Bushrod
    Westbound travel lane, outside 670 55th St. NOT the same as the next pothole I am about to report, next to this one.
  • 576–598 55th St Oakland 94609, United States - Bushrod
    Eastbound 55th St just past Shattuck, in line with where bicyclists ride.
  • 850 55th St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    Middle of the street, intersection of 55th St and Genoa.
  • 892–898 55th St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    On the crosswalk line, westbound 55th St before Market.
  • 5502 Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    In the crosswalk on the NE corner of Market and 55th St. Asphalt is broken where it meets the concrete gutter pan, all the way to the first yellow crosswalk line, creating a trip hazard for pedestrians and a crash hazard for bike riders making right turns onto Market.
  • 915 55th St Oakland 94608 United States - Santa Fe
    Outside 915 55th St, eastbound lane between Adeline & Market. This pothole was partially filled but the side has already broken off. Please repair this patch so it doesn’t degrade further in the rain.
  • Lake Park Ave Oakland 94610, United States - Lakeshore
    Deep pothole, east side of Lakeshore and Lake Park Aves, in the crosswalk.
  • 27th St Oakland 94612, United States - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    27th St between Broadway and Valdez, both eastbound and westbound in the bike lanes.

    There are seams between the concrete pads along the bike lanes both directions that have been catching wheels and causing crashes. The seam in the westbound direction was filled with tar several years ago after the bike lane was first striped, but has since deteriorated.

    Here is a report from a bike rider who crashed at this location:

    “I took a huge spill on my bike and broke my collarbone going down 27th just off Broadway, where there is a huge construction site. I was going eastbound, from Broadway to Harrison. There was a huge seam in the road that tripped up my wheel though. A construction worker said people had been crashing their bikes on that thing almost everyday!!!”

    Please completely fill the gaps in the concrete both directions with tar again, so they are flush with the roadway and unable to cause more bike crashes.