Robert Prinz

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 83,740
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    2155–2163 7th St Oakland 94607, United States - Acorn-Acorn Industrial
    Westbound 7th Street before Maritime, a car hopped the curb, went across the bike/ped path on the north side of the street, and hit the fence and dirt wall between the path and parking lot, leaving a lot of debris in the path and a puddle of what smells like gasoline. Please sweep the path clear of debris, clean up the gas, repair the fence, and ideally install some sort of barrier between the street and pathway to protect users from this sort of behavior in the future.
  • 666 Bellevue Ave Oakland 94610, United States - Lakeside
    The eastbound bike lane on Grand Ave just east of Harrison is closed due to the lakeside path sidewalk construction, routing pedestrians into the bike lane space. This goes against Oakland’s construction traffic control guidelines, which dictate that the sidewalk and bike lane should both be maintained whenever possible, which in this case would mean converting one of the 2 travel lanes. Additionally, whenever a pedestrian path is directed onto a street flex post protection like this is not appropriate, and water filled barriers or other more substantial barriers are required. Please fix this ASAP and apply these guidelines more proactively to every project.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    400–436 Ellita Ave Oakland 94610, United States - Adams Point
    Rapid flashing pedestrian crossing in the median of Grand Ave at Ellita Ave was run into and destroyed by a driver. Please fix/replace.
  • 6301 Shellmound St Emeryville 94608, United States - Emeryville

    The construction traffic controls for the development on Shellmound St south of 64th St have closed the sidewalk on the west side of Shellmound, and there is no sidewalk on the east side either. As such pedestrians are choosing the walk in the unprotected, paint only bike lane, which is both bad for accessibility as well as unsafe due to conflicts with drivers and bike riders.

    Please adjust the traffic controls here to maintain both bike and pedestrian facilities, and ensure that a high standard of bike/ped access and safety is applied to all capital improvement and development projects around the city.

  • 5950 Shellmound St Emeryville 94608, United States - Emeryville

    The sidewalk on the east side of Shellmound St across from the Public Market is not complete, which means that all of the car parking bays on this side of the street are not accessible for people with disabilities. As such, these parking bays should be closed until the east side sidewalk is complete, as it is not inappropriate to have some parking spaces available that are inaccessible.

    Once the sidewalk is complete I still recommend not using these bays for car parking, as there is ample space available in the parking garage, and these on-street spots create a significant risk of bike riders being hit by open car doors.

  • 5780–5788 Christie Ave Emeryville 94608, United States - Emeryville
    Overgrown plants are obstructing half of the bikeway on the Christie Ave cycletrack just south of Powell Street. Please have them trimmed back.
  • 291 Grand Ave Oakland 94610, United States - Lakeside
    The new HAWK pedestrian crossing beacon at Lenox crossing Grand is great, but there are currently no stop lines on Grand ahead of the marked crosswalks. As such some drivers do not understand where they are supposed to stop and wait, before the crosswalk, when the signal is activated. The same issue exists on one side of the new HAWK beacon at Bellevue/Grand. Please check this out and add advance stop lines ahead of these crosswalks on Grand Ave, thanks.
  • 4496 Broadway Oakland 94611, United States - Piedmont Avenue
    westbound Whitmore at Broadway, the traffic signal is failing to detect my bicycle and give me a green light. I’m waiting at the signal as I write this at 9:38pm and have so far sat through two signal phases over 5 minutes with no green light for Whitmore. Then a car shows up in the eastbound direction and the light turned green within 15 seconds. Please fix this so the signal works for bikes 100% of the time and in all conditions (day-night-rain-fog-etc)
  • 453–459 Bellevue Ave Oakland 94610, United States - Lake Merritt
    Rightmost westbound travel lane, on Grand Ave at the intersection with Bellevue.
  • 5216 Genoa St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    The dip in the pavement on the southbound Genoa St bike boulevard just north of 52nd St continues to get deeper. It doesn’t show up well in photos but it is just past the sharrow and significant enough to cause a crash, especially as it is right in line with where bicyclists ride. Please fix this before someone is injured.
  • 5102 West St Oakland 94608, United States - Longfellow
    Small but deep sinkhole in the northbound lane next to the bike lane outside 5108 West St. Please come fix this soon before it opens up even further and hurts someone.
  • 1–7 Linda Ave Oakland 94611, United States - Piedmont Avenue
    Please change the traffic signal phasing at Piedmont/Linda so that southbound Piedmont gets a straight and left phase first, allowing left turners to clear the intersection before allowing northbound Piedmont and pedestrian traffic through, as opposed to the opposite which exists now where the southbound Piedmont phase gets a left turn arrow after northbound traffic gets their green. Currently southbound Piedmont drivers are merging into the bike lane to get past left turners who don’t have their green arrow yet, with a lot of dangerous conflicts as a result.
  • 5225–5259 Broadway Oakland 94618, United States - Rockridge

    The pedestrian signal button on the NE side of College and Broadway is broken and will not actuate the walk signal for westbound pedestrian traffic crossing College Ave. Please fix.

    Moreover, why is a pedestrian crossing signal in a business district like this on an actuated phase, and not on a recall phase 24/7. It is not pedestrian friendly to expect folks to press a button every time they want to cross, and then when the signal breaks like this it results in no legal way to cross the street. Change this and every other signal in a business district or transit hub in Oakland to 24/7 recall, no button presses required.

  • 5425 Shattuck Ave Oakland 94609, United States - Bushrod

    Just now the traffic signal for eastbound 55th St at Shattuck did not give me on my bike a green light even while westbound 55th car traffic got a green, and even though I was waiting right on top of the detector stencil.

    This traffic signal has been problematic about detecting bike traffic in both directions of 55th St for a long time, and I’ve reported problems over and over again but they keep persisting. It is imperative that this signal, at a crossing of two popular bike routes, detect bikes. Please figure it out so the detection works consistently, or put it back on a timed phase which works 100% of the time.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    497–499 W Grand Ave Oakland 94612, United States - Downtown
    Please adjust the pedestrian signals at Telegraph/Grand so that a walk light is provided during every green phase, with no button press required. I see pedestrians waiting through multiple phases here all the time because nobody pressed the beg button, as they all assume the city wouldn’t install an actuated walk signal at such a high pedestrian traffic intersection. They’re right, this signal shouldn’t be actuated, please change it.
  • 1932 Telegraph Ave Oakland 94612, United States - Downtown

    Today around 7:25pm the traffic signal for northbound Telegraph Ave at William Street did not detect me on my bicycle in the bike lane, and I sat there at a red light even while southbound Telegraph Ave traffic got a green. Eventually some northbound drivers arrived and the green light came on, but this should not be necessary.

    Please make sure the signal here detects bike traffic in all directions, and unless there is a very good reason to not do this make sure that both NB and SB Telegraph get a green light on every phase, as well as a walk signal, even if no traffic is detected in both directions.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    2300 Webster St Oakland 94612, United States - Waverly
    Southbound Webster Street between 24th and 23rd, cars are frequently parked blocking the curbside bike lane outside the YMCA, installed as part of the construction mitigation for the development across the street. I have reported this previously to parking enforcement but the problem persists. Please install flex posts or some other delineator to ensure that the bike lane is kept clear for bikes.
  • 7th St Oakland 94606, United States - Peralta-Laney
    Lots of dumped trash, rugs, and other debris in the bike-pedestrian tunnel on the west side of the Lake Merritt channel under 7th Street.
  • 2325 Webster St Oakland 94612, United States - Waverly
    Cars parked in and blocking the curbside bike lane on southbound Webster Street between 24th and 23rd, outside the YMCA. This bike lane shift is a result of the traffic mitigation associated with the development across the street. Installing flex posts on the southbound bike lane line would help ensure that it is not blocked by parked cars again.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    1026 Maritime St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    PG&E crew completely blocked the bike/pedestrian path along the east side of Maritime at 5:45pm today, with no advance warning signage, detour accommodation, or flag person. To get around them I had to hop the curb and then enter the street shared with fast moving semi traffic. Please follow up with PG&E to ensure that they consistently provide safe and accessible bike and pedestrian access at every project site.