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  • 48-60 Cochato Park Randolph, MA 02368, USA - Randolph
    Thank you! The neighborhood looks great with all the weeds removed! It is appreciated. The staff did a wonderful job!
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    39 North Main Street Randolph, MA 02368, USA - Randolph
    Do you believe this building could use a few fresh coat of paint? The beautification of downtown plantings, new streets, underground wires and lamp posts look great, however this building is an eyesore. It would look attractive with a facelift of a great paint job. Has the owner of this building been contacted?
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    Martin E Young School 30 Lou Courtney Drive - Randolph
    There are overgrown trees within fenced in area where exterior utility equipment is located. (The Young Elementary School). The trees are physically interfering with cables lines above and not sure if any damage may be prevented from root damage underground. The exact location is by the basketball court to the left of the entrance for kindergarten and first graders. Is this a safety issue?