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  • 2313 Bull St Columbia, SC - Columbia
    for the life of me, I have failed to understand how the Bull Street & Colonial Drive intersection is signalized and on the other side, Victoria Street has a concrete island with right turn only and a stop sign. This defies logic and it seems to me that Victoria needs to have the signal advantage as well.
  • Harbison Court Exit Columbia, SC - Columbia
    Heading out of Harbsion Court, the line to turn left onto St. Andrews is prone to backups and could benefit from a left turn arrow...
  • Harbison Blvd Columbia, SC - Columbia
    Harbison Blvd. between Parkridge Drive and I-26 does have its own right turn lane onto I-26 but it makes no sense why there is only one lane to go straight across Woodcross Drive. There should be a separate right turn lane onto I-26 with 2 lanes going across and then a 3rd 'accel' lane for traffic coming off I-26. Making separate left and straight lanes on this off ramp was a step in the right direction but this is the next step to move Harbison Blvd. forward.
  • 2570 Hollingshed Rd Irmo, SC - US Congressional District SC2
    I wonder how long it's going to be with the way Irmo is growing until this end of Kennerly and Hollingshed will require a traffic signal of some sort due to the traffic generated by the location of Oak Pointe Elementary School. Another possilibity is that Hollingshed & River Bottom Drive could need a signal one day as well...
  • Piney Grove Road Columbia, SC - Seven Oaks

    The traffic signal where Jamil Road meets Bower Parkway needs to be overhauled and here's my proposal as to how:

    1) first, make the Jamil Road side go separately from Bower Pkwy.
    2) On the Bower Parkway side, insert a right turn lane onto Piney Grove Road towards St. Andrews Road
    3) Once the right turn lane is installed on the Bower Parkway side, make it so that the Bower Parkway goes separate but the middle lane is set to go straight or turn left
    4) install a separate right turn lane from Piney Grove onto Bower Parkway

  • Devine St Columbia, SC - Columbia
    it makes no sense to me how two roads that intersect that are both 4 lanes wide doesn't have a traffic signal the way this one doesn't
  • State Road S-40-1041 Blythewood, SC - US Congressional District SC2
    As Northeast Richland and Blythewood continue growing, this 4-way stop is going to continue to get backed up unless it is changed to a traffic signal. Hard Scrabble needed to be widened desperately as well
  • Harbison Boulevard (S-757) Columbia, SC - Columbia
    Harbison Blvd. between Park Terrace and Columbiana Drive is approximately 375 feet in distance. This is a backup prone area due to the traffic the three intersections handle within the close proximity that they are. One easy way to alleviate the traffic probelm would be to install a right turn lane onto Columbiana Drive so that some of the traffic can flow better
  • Oak Dr Lexington, SC - Lexington County
    This is an intersection prone to backups by a 4-way stop that could stand to have its own traffic signal.
  • Emanuel Church Rd Lexington, SC - Lexington County
    The intersection of Emmanuel Church & Kitti Wake Drive in West Columbia, SC is currently a 4-way stop and it's not uncommon for Emmanuel Church to be in the midst of a significant traffic backup and Kitti Wake isn't too far behind in this regard. This intersection should be considered for a traffic signal
  • Leaphart Rd Lexington, SC - Lexington County

    This intersection needs a traffic signal.

    Lexington continues to experience growth and as it does, this is an intersection that will likely need to be signalized

  • 1108 Atlas Rd Columbia, SC - Columbia
    Atlas Road & Greenlawn Drive is currently a 'Y' intersection that many developers these days are frowning upon. A few years back, this intersection was changed from a yield sign to a stop sign. Be that as it may, I can see Atlas Road becoming a signalized intersection eventually and it makes sense to rework it to align it with Fountain Lake Way so that Atlas intersects Greenlawn Drive at a safer angle