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This issue was handled almost immediately. I have been asked repeatedly to close it and I have done so. And yet, I continue to receive notice that it is outstanding and needs to be closed. Please get your stuff together and close this once and for all!
Happy to report that (thanks to "Top 10") the pothole has been patched. The whole roadway from Ascot to Joaquin Miller is still in terrible shape, but at least this really bad pothole has been eliminated. Thanks!
Sorry that the photo didn’t attach. It’s mostly carpet padding. More of the same padding was also dumped in the driveway of Palo Seco reservoir, 1/4 mile up the hill from the Bayview Sequoia Trail head.
I have closed this issue several times, but it keeps coming up as still open. The deer carcass was removed in a very timely fashion once it was reported.
Issue Closed
Ben, I don't live nearby, and there are no nearby neighbors, so no, I can't put it into my green bin. It's a route that I ride through regularly on my bike. The pile of leaves was even larger yesterday, forcing me out into the lane to avoid it. Somehow it makes no sense to me that a clear roadway is now piled with debris after the sweeper goes through. That would seem to defeat the purpose of sweeping at all. Why waste time & money sweeping if the roadway is more littered after the fact?
Issue still open.
This was handled immediately by city crew.
Count me as a supporter. Bike lanes are not for passenger drop-off or ATMs. They are for bicyclists!!
Well, the issue is still open. The pavement here is still terrible. And Measure KK has been passed, so perhaps the powers-that-be can find a way to at least patch the worst potholes.
Carcass was removed promptly. Not sure why issue was not closed at that time.
Striping & red curb now complete! Thank you, OPW! [Despite the guy in the photo illegally parked to text in the shade. ;-) ]
Carcass was picked up same day, but not closed by PW.
Thank you!
Sorry that I didn't have time to take a photo, but here's some additional information. This is a large pile of household items (mattress, I think) and electronics that's been dumped in the curb lane of Golf Links Road in the uninhabited stretch alongside the creek through Knowland Park. I will try to attach a screenshot of a map showing the approximate location.
Still not great, but "share the road" signs have been added.
Issue Closed
Signs have been erected along Broadway. So far this year I haven't observed any violations. But when summer arrives and parking fees are being charged at the lake, some enforcement may be required. Hopefully, OPD can find the resources for weekend enforcement.
"No parking" signs have been installed. Hopefully OPD will now find a way to enforce the parking restriction on weekends in the spring & summer.
Five months gone by and still no paint or signs. And the police assert (incorrectly, I believe) that they cannot ticket vehicles parked in a bike lane without a painted curb or signs. Hopefully the city will stop dragging their feet and get this fixed before someone is injured.