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  • 1457-1489 Mirror Lake Drive Lincolnton, North Carolina - Continental US
    Photo added as yo..u can see the situation here is very evident. If you have 2 vehicles coming down the road and meet here at the same time you can't pass each other without running off the road. been patched many , many times but this hsppens all over again.. please raise the road and put in an appropriate drainage system. stop wasting money
  • 1490-1536 Mirror Lake Drive Lincolnton, North Carolina - Continental US
    This road has been patched over the last 10 years and it does no good. The road is @ Lake Level and this road needs to be raised or a drainage pipe needs to be put under this area. There has been so much money wasted on patching for the last 10 years that I Want it fixed right..This is a heavily traveled road because it is a route to Philadelphia Church Rd. Everytime I go to Church I have to dodge nnumerous washed out patched holes..I will send photos later..
  • 122-230 Carr Road Dallas, North Carolina - Gaston County
    State inspector needs to check out this patch work recently done.. Road is worse, heavily traveled road due to Webb Metals scrap metal plant colse by..Needs to be repaved completely
  • 109 West Wilkins Street Dallas, North Carolina - Gaston County
    This road is so badly uneven it needs to be repaired. The speed limit is 45 but you have to slow to 25 to go through there.
  • I-85 Gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    For years now the bushes @ Exit 17 coming off I-85 N in Gastonia have been unkept. when you get off the exit you can't see what is ahead of you..I'm wondering how long is it going to take before someone looses their life. The bushes are at least 15' in the air blocking your vision as you round a curve..