Rhonda Millsap

  • 1287 Highway 278 Hampton, Virginia - North King St
    The city needs to repair the rough road! It is full of potholes and looks like they started working on it then stopped. There are large barrels blocking the roadway and it looks bad. The city needs to fix this.
  • Gosnold Hampton, Virginia - North King St
    The trash is on the groud. It makes it very hard to enjoy the peace of the park when there is trash on the ground. My taxes keep going up, but the trash is still there.
  • Hampton Roads Beltway Hampton, VA - Downtown
    There is much debris and trash on the roadside and along the dividing wall. It looks bad. The city needs to take pride in the roadways that bring people into our city.
  • Little Back River Road Hampton, VA - North King St
    The ditch on both sides of little back river road has bottles, wrappers, and other trash in it. this needs to be cleaned up to prevent wildlife from being injured from the trash.
  • Plantation Drive Hampton, VA - North King St

    Hampton, There are pine needles all over the sidewalk and curb. they look so unsightly and also present a trip hazard to people walking down the sidewalk. Please have the workers clean this up as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  • Woodland Road Hampton, VA - Phoebus
    Thank you for taking that post down. This is such a useful site, it is a shame that a few kooks get carried away. Perhaps this forum should be moderated for a bit. I would be more than happy to help with that. It may keep the site focused on the issues that effect our community.
  • Mill Point Park Hampton, VA - Downtown
    Mill point park is a total mess! There is trash, and debris everywhere. It looks awful. The stage is falling apart and needs to be repaired or replaced. How could the city let it get in this condition?
  • Service Rd Hampton, VA - Hampton city
    Someone needs to clean up the litter and debris here. There are cans, broken glass, and paper all over. Where are the city litter collecters? Lets get to work and earn that pay.
  • Interstate 264 Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    The traffic is very heavy here and the drivers are weaving and lane changing all over the place. Perhaps more lanes or better signs would help with this dangerous situation.
  • Nickerson Blvd Hampton, VA - Buckroe
    There are candidates signs all over the place. They should be picked up.
  • Hampton , va - Downtown
    This mornings rain is causing ponding on the roadways
  • Little Back River Road And Forest Hampton, VA - Downtown
    There is always a drainage issue here when it rains heavy. There are also no sidewalks here. The city should fix these issues instead of planting flowers around flagpoles with no flags on them.
  • Fort Worth St Hampton, VA - Foxhill
    There are many duck droppings on the sidewalk. This is unsightly, and other animal can get sick from this. Sidewalk also needs to be better edged. Get out there Hampton, and make this right. Wash and edge this issue.
  • Little Back River Road Hampton, VA - North King St
    There is litter in the ditch between Willow Oaks Blvd and Harris Creek Road. This needs to be picked up, and the ditches cleaned.
  • litter Archived
    901 East Little Back River Road Hampton, VA - North King St
    The front of the park is covered in cigarette butts. these need to be picked up. these are a hazard to the turtles and ducks that are in the area. they are in the grass and in the gravel areas.
  • Nickerson Blvd Hampton, va - Buckroe
    The plants in the center of the road look terrible! Someone should remove them and pave over the dirt.