• 158 S Fourth Ave Coatesville, PA, 19320, USA - Coatesville
    On June 6th 2019. The trash company never picked up my trash. I called the city of Coatesville around 3:30 that day and by 5:00 I decided to pull trash container back onto my property. Here it is June 13th and I hope they pick it up today. It's a shame I had to pay a hefty fine a couple years back because I wouldn"t pay my whole trash bill. The Company should have paid that fine and maybe they would do a better job of collecting trash.
  • Oak St Between S4th And Franklin St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    someone placed a candidates signs in the bushes. I was weedwacking and placed the sign on the street and someone placed it back in the bushes. When does it end. At 67 I don't feel like dragging trash from the bushes. If a candidate place the sign there then at some point they should come back and pick them up. The sign was on someone else property and they conveniently placed it in the bushes. As I look around I also see signs on other peoples property. Why can't they come back and pick them up once the poles close.
  • 158 South 4th Avenue Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I g ave a handicapped parking spot marked off with blue lines. Why am I given that spit if people take up half my spot? Then then park in area that is not big enough to park their car. If you have to park 20 ft from intersection there is know way anyone should be parking in back of me. Tell me from the pic where am I suppose to park??? The maroon car took up half of handicap area and the car i back of him is parked illegally. I can't squeeze my car in between them.
  • Sweeps Archived
    Between S. 4th Ave And Franklin St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I haven't seen street cleaner for a couple of weeks. I live on the corner of s 4th ave. where people have a tendency of throwing trash in the bushes. I'm 65 with health issues and can't always clean up the mess so i rake out trash in hopes sweeps comes by and clean it up. It has in the past but i haven't seen you in a while. I notice someones envelope addressed to 162 rosemont ave in the debree . Just wanted to know if your coming out today.
  • Dog waste Archived
    158 South 4th Avenue Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I reside at 158 S. 4th and I noticed for the past couple of days that my neighbor at 155 Franklin let's his dog go the bathroom on my grass so I said something to him yesterday about it and he said "he had right of passage" and to leave him alone and for me to shut up. I said if it keeps happening I would call the police and he said he didn't care. I said don't you have a yard, he aid no but I know he does. After he left I went to see if he picked up all the poop and of course it was still there so I picked it up and put it on his porch like I told him I would. This is going to cause a problem so what if anything can I do to stop this from happening over and over again.
  • 158 S 4th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I've seen trash and recycle come by my house several times now and they still haven't picked up my trash. If I don't pay my bill again I will get hit with a hefty fine. I was outside when they went by and asked why as they drove by and he said he would be back. Do you have a problem with my trash pick up? There isn't much in the containers but still no pick up.
  • 157 Franklin Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    These people are real slick. The people at 157 Franklin haven't been around for years and you removed one of the teash containers and not the other so the family at 156 S. 4th Ave is using the container AND NOT PAYING FOR IT. Today they didn't take their containers down but the filked up the other container for o ick up. What happened in the past couple of weeks is the company didn't empty the container because of the content so. 156 S. 4th Ave put other trash on top of it so they will take container (real smart of them). My problem is if they come after me for late trash bill why aren't they coming after them for extra trash container. Maybe I should do as they do and fill this extra container up and change the company I you have to pick up my teash for free???
  • Rear 156 S 4th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Last week some one put bulk trash out. Never got picked up. This week same bulk tash but some put mattress in the middle of street (Franklin). Some one moved mattress and ladt night someone put mattress back in middle of street.
    What can be done. I was told camera's may be on Franklin St. if so take a look to see if its kids or adults
  • 158 S 4th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Thursday afternoon when I came back fro knee surgery I noticed my reclcle wasn't pi m ced up again. So I called and left message around 2:30 to see if they would turn around and come back. Of course they didn't so 1:15 Fridy morning I went out to see if they did and I also noticed a couple housesdown from me their recycle wasn't picked up either. Why is my question. Why can't they pick up our recycle. The trash container was empty and the picked that up before I left for surgery (7a.m.) Getting very frustrate with this company. Photo taken 1:15 a.m. Friday. Trash pick up is on Thursday.
  • 158 S 4th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I live at 158 S 4th Ave. and own lot adjacent to it inwhich I park my vehicle on when people take my handi cap parking space or allow my boarder to park on lot. I was told you can't park 20 feet from corner so this is ideal for me because there is not enough room for someone to park at that corner right.. I know the stones are almost gone but the kids in the neighborhood would constantly through them during school hours. I want to put more stones down but I have since retired and haven't had a chance. I called last night about a car and no one ticketed the car. In the past they got tickets. So has the ordinance changed. If so let me know and I will see if I can get the drive done soon.
  • 158 S 4th Ave. Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I just witnessed snow plow dump all this snow on my side walk after I at 64 made a path from my front door to street and side walk. The driver said don't worry about the sidewalk. Humm, I thought we had to keep side walk clean. Well my neighbor called them cause he works for them . He tried to pay him but driver says no. So who cleans all this snow off my side walk that's about ten feet tall or more.
  • 157 Franklin St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    The people at 157 Franklin St. left and abandon this property a couple years now and the owner of 155 Franklin has constantly used this property as a dumping area for their own cinvenience. The bed that they dumped on the porch of 157 is now in the yard and a refrigerator is now on the porch of 157 Franklin St. It is not properly rapped and children often play on that street. The owner of 155 Franklin needs to have this stuff removed from 157 Franklin before someone gets seriously hurt. It is a sight for sore eyes. Who has to take care of this mess?
  • 155 Franklin St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I was on Franklin st when I noticed the home owers cleaning out their hse and putting this stuff in recycle bin I said that can't go in recycle bin. They wanted to know who I was. So I took pic. If they pick this stuff up trash day I will be possed off because i still have trash and recycle fron last week.
  • 158 S.4th Ave. Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    I saw trash truck come by 3 times. They stop at hill but didn't pick up my trash AGAIN. How many times d o I have to report this issue. Getting tired of this.
  • 158 S. 4th Ave Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    this is week two and my recyclables haven't been picked up. I called the city yesterday to let them know at 1:30 they still didn't stop by and this morning I see it's still at curb site. I guess I have to be like others in this area and put them with regular trash
  • 145 Rosemont St. Rear Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    On August 21, 2015 my neighbor and I was walking up Franklin St. (toward Oak) when I noticed 4 or five bit bulls in a yard. I noticed they look like 1 adult and 3 or 4 pups. They looked like they where let out to play or go to bath room. I didn't notice them looking at me so my friend and I kept walking within seconds I heard this dog and turned around and noticed this bit bull running up the hill I didn't have time to run so I picked up a rock and the dog stopped running and kept barking at me. I told my friend to call 911 and as she was on the phone the owner came out the yard and called the dog off. My problem is who do I report this too cause now I'm afraid to walk up and down Franklin St. now.
  • Drainage Archived
    156 S. 4th Ave. Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Neighbors put up this drywall to keep water from seeping into their basement where he lives and all that extra comes into my yard creating a ditch. His rain spout is leaking so once again he is redirecting extra water onto my property. It looks so ghetto. Isn't this illegal to do. How do I solve the proplem.
  • 153 Rosemont Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    This message is for Marie,
    I'm reporting this issue for a friend of mine. Some one took her trash container and she saw who did it on her survalence camera. She called the city and they told her she can put her address on her container but the problem is she doesn't want to go on someone else property and how does she know if it is her container without knowing the container number. Her neighbors are taking container that are left on empty property and I saw someone take an extra container next to her. What does she do to get her container back and put her address on it .Her name is Alma and she said you can all her at 215-380-8084, I told her you helped me in the past. She doesn't have computer access at the present time.
  • 157 Fraklin St. Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Verizon is trying to do some wiring issues and need to get in the back of 157 franklin st but the walkway is blocked by items (junk) put there by the folks at 156 S. 4 ave. disgusting. They had the nerve to plant two plants along the walk way so you know what that means intime you won't be able to get through anyway. They know they moved and now taking up their personal space.
  • 140 Chestnut St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Coatesville
    Who do you report an out brake of bed bugs to in an apartment building. This has been a problem for some time now and the senior citizens want to petition the owner of building which is chestnut court apartments. Marie can I bring this up at council meeting tonite. This problem is preventing senior from going to the medical center because of the problem. The building needs to be fumigated and the people need to be put up in an hotel until this problem is resolved.