Andrew Young

  • Macarthur Freeway Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    The sidewalk next to and below the flyover, between Fairmount and Harrison, on the west side of MacArthur Blvd. (opposite the flyover) should be cleared, and made a passable, public walkway - right now it is occupied by an expanding homeless encampment, that until a few months ago was one or two people with a tiny 'footprint' just under the flyover. Now it is a "no-go" area. The sidewalk should be in the City jurisdiction, but obviously the City needs to work together with Caltrans.
  • Macarthur Fwy & I-580 & Perry Pl Oakland, CA, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    'Generally disgusting' from experience of pedestrian using pedestrian path between motel and flyover/eastbound I-580 on ramp.
  • Macarthur Fwy & I-580 & Perry Pl Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    Huge pile of debris reported, spilling over sidewalk
  • Macarthur Fwy & I-580 & Perry Pl Oakland, CA, USA - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    Wall along base of eastbound MacArthur on-ramp, along walkway and bordering the motel. Extreme waste accumulation and sanitation issues
  • 66 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Piedmont Avenue
    Furniture & carpet blocking pedestrian access, partly a result of homeless encampment.
  • 136-168 Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94544, USA - Burbank
    The asphalt here was replaced over a year ago but was never steam-rolled flat, but left to collect grit, gravel, glass, trash and general debris. The car lanes are nice and smooth - maybe from wear, but this situation forces cyclists off the bridge shoulder into the auto lanes.
  • 1525 Jackson St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Lakeside
    Extreme road deterioration, in this entire, high-density block, and which is a key part of the only viable/efficient bike route between Adams Point & Lake Merritt BART. Which is another issue altogether.
  • 176-198 Perry Pl Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Adams Point
    Extreme roadway deterioration! Painful to me & my wheels!