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  • 618 South Belvidere Street Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    Heading South on Belvedere St just past Rowe and right before Holly there is a jagged pipe end coming up from the road in the far right lane exactly where your left tires roll over. It could possibly cause tire damage. Drivers also swerve around it into the center lane to avoid it making things even more dangerous.
  • Other Archived
    1201 Parkwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Possible water main break at this intersection. Always a lot of standing water. Please inspect.
  • Abandoned Car Acknowledged
    327 S. Cherry St. Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    There is a blue Chevrolet parked in front of this residence. It has been there for almost a month without being moved. License plate #JUL-8695
  • 327 S Cherry St Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    Someone has dumped a mattress in the alley behind this address. Please pick up.
  • 1013 W 42nd St Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    Need pickup for a table and a chest of drawers located curbside in front of address.
  • 327 S Cherry St Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    In alley behind residence there are a number of wooden panels that need picking up. Thank you!
  • 329 South Cherry Street Richmond, Virginia - Oregon Hill
    Someone has left a television set on the sidewalk. Can it please be picked up?