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  • Tree Trimming Archived
    40 Nelson St New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    I have a tree in left front of my house at 40 nelson st that was suppose to come down 2 ys ago because has lots of cavities . A big branch hangs over my yard from that tree and it is going to fall any time. I worry because under that branch is my kids play area. Definitely not safe, whenever it is a sight bit of wind they are not allowed in the play area. I know how damaging a branch can be from one of theses trees. a branch from a tree across the street me has been losing it's limbs, and it has damaged fences, and just recently damaged my husbands car. I would like this tree removed or trim, but something has to be done before someone gets hurt.
  • 40 Nelson St New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Trash or recycling never picked up
  • Nelson St New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    This evening I was informed by my neighbor, that last night there were some guys driving in a car, looking into people's car and yards. Apparently this happened around 3:30 in the morning. Two guys were walking around with flash lights looking into yards, and cars, while one stayed in the car. He said he yelled out to them, they looked at him, and left. He did call the police , but he said they never came. So just heads up , to keep an eye out!
  • 40 Nelson St new haven, CT - East Shore
    The sidewalk in front of this house is horrible, well not even sure you could call it a sidewalk. Some of it is crumbled to the dirt, and
    , some of it has been lifted from tree roots. My 9 yr and 2 yr old and neighbors kids have fallen several times. Just waiting until they break their arm or crack their head open, then i will sue the city. Then maybe then they will come and fix it. I have complained and asked for a sidewalk for at least 5 yrs. I even spoken with both aldermans in the area. Three weeks ago someone came and put arrows on the sidewalks like they are going to fix them, but then noithing has been done since. In the meantime, my kids and myself have fallen. With all the taxes we pay here in morris cove, we get nothjng done here. I have spoken with others from the neighborhood and we are fed up and tired of this treatment us here in the cove get. We are seriosly of thinking of getting media involved and start a petition.
  • 40 Nelson St new haven, CT - East Shore
    I have a huge tree in front of my house, that the branches are hanging over my roof. It need to be cut.
  • Concord Ave And Burr St New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    There is no stop sign at that corner. People are flying though there. I think it fell with all the snow
  • Potholes Archived
    40 Nelson St New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    In front of 174 Burr st, there is a big and deep hole. Please take care of it, it could give someone a flat tire. But make sure it is not a monutain like the other repairs they have done the past few days around the cove. On my street we went form two holes , tow two mountains of tar.
  • 40 Nelson St New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    The sidewalk in front of my house,has come up from the roots of the tree in front of the house on the treebelt. Another part of my sidewalk is all crumbled into pieces.It has got the worse and worse over the years. I have always asked to have the sidewalk replaced, and have the trees that are rotting removed. The side walk where the tree has pulled up the sidewalk, is so bad, that my father who just had back surgery triped,. And there has many times my 1 and 1/2 year old has tripped there too . This is a real hazard and someone soon will be getting seriously hurt. This problem need to be addressed along with the tree, doing the damage.
  • Tree removal Archived
    40 Nelson St new haven, ct - East Shore
    70 ft oak tree in front of my house needs to be removed. It was already inspected by parks dept 6 weeks ago.