Marleen Sacks

Rank: lokal stolthet Civic Points: 190
  • Pothole Godkänd
    3443 Rhoda Avenue Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Dimond
    The entire block of Rhoda between MacArthur and Montana (3400 block) is riddled with about 20 to 30 GIANT potholes.
  • Illegal signs Arkiverad
    3401-3415 Rhoda Avenue Oakland, California - Dimond
    Numerous illegal posters for a concert plastered on telephone poles around Montana/Rhoda area and on the other side of the freeway too. "Daddy Yankee" phone number for ticket sale (415) 424-8809. I already called to complain and asked them to take posters down but I doubt they will. They should be cited for blight!