• 4 Mile Run Trail Arlington, VA - Nauck
    The new flashing yellow light signal that is activated immediately by pushing a button is better than the random crosswalk that isn't at an intersection. However by allowing the signal to be activated whenever a pedestrian wants to cross the street means that it isn't timed with the light at the intersection at S Shirlington Rd and S Arlington Mill Dr. Therefore when someone activates the signal right as the light turns green the traffic cannot move and the road backs up.
    Is it possible to force the signal to be timed with the intersection lights?
  • S Randolph St Arlington, VA - Fairlington-Shirlington
    The relatively new signals at the intersection of S Arlington Mill Dr and S Randolph St are not very efficient for traffic management. The duration of the protected turns is extremely long. Usually there is one car that clears the intersection and the other directions have to wait another 30 seconds. Admittedly I have observed this intersection mostly at night so maybe the timing is justified during a very busy day. A sensor that adjusted the timing based on the presence of cars would be ideal.
    I would suggest making the signals at this intersection flash yellow to S Arlington Mill Dr and red to S Randolph St at some point in the evening (7pm).