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  • no heat Open
    42-16 80th Street Elmhurst, NY 11373, USA - City Council District 25
    Little or insuficient heat provided in building 42-16 80st Elmhurst. They only provide heat when weather is in the 30's. Super lives in the building but he is careless of tenants, he lives on the first floor which is the warmest floors of all. Unfortunatelly floors 4 and up are very very cold because no heat is provided.
    When confronted managment about the issue they said it was the first time they heard that type of complaint, but when I went to the to make a complaint and check then list of complaints against the building they have 15 complaints about the same issue.
    The building is managed under greenhill managment llc but I am sure the owner lives in the buiding.
    Right now is 64 degrees in my apartment and I just don't know what to do.