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  • 29 West Broad St. Newnan, Georgia - Newnan

    Hi Michael,
    All of that work on the Storm Drain System and now it floods more than ever. During the repairs, a 12" +/- pipe was cut out of the system and tied into another drain with its own 12" pipe. This, in effect, cut in half the flow rate of the draining water. So much so, that the drain water flows back thru the pipe under the sidewalk and pumps water in to the back yard instead of draining water from the yard. I brought you a video on DVD to watch. This happens every decent rain storm and not just for the 1000 year storm back on Sept 7, 2014. That storm caused 18" if mud and water to flood my basement shop area.

    I expect the City to get this problem resolved right away and not wait until the next time I, or my neighbors, get flooded out.

  • 29 W Broad St. Newnan, GA - Newnan
    Hi Mr Klahr,
    I guess my latest post to re-open this issue didn't make it pass the SeeClickFix site moderator. Can't blame him/her as it was a bit angry in tone. This issue will not go away until I have proof that the storm drain system in our area is without fault. Due to past dealings with the city of newnan, I will not accept a city officials word for it that all is well, when I know first hand that there are problems. Congratulations on "kicking this can" down the road until Seeclickfix archived it and took it off the radar. Until this issue is solved with proof, it will never fall off of the radar. BTW,, I know how to dig too.
  • College Street & West Broad Street Newnan, Georgia - Newnan
    After years of trying to get someone to address the storm drain problems at this location, and getting NO response, I talked with a City of Newnan work crew doing some work nearby. They called someone to look at this problem and he came right out. He then called Newnan Utilities to bring their "Camera Snake" out to get a better look. They found some unusual drain piping and called the City to turn the issue back to them as this was a City problem. I have never heard from the City. My Pastor referred me to a Mr. Klahr. I called him and he said he would get with an engineer and call me to come look at the problem. After a month with no response, I called Mr. Klahr and left a message to call me back. It has been a couple of months now and still no response. I need to know if what Newnan Utilities found with their underground camera and detectors caused my foundation failure as well as the history of foundation problems of my neighbor across the street.