Whitehall Neighbor

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 19,000
  • Clayton Pl & Hackett Blvd Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Helderberg
    Cross walk and button to activate warning light are inaccessible. This infrastructure was installed just a few months ago as a needed improvement for the safety of school children who cross Hackett at that point. Due to failure to clear the snow and ice, it is now useless and pedestrians need to walk in the road to cross.
  • 19 Hackett Blvd Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany
    Students from Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls are walking in Hackett Blvd. because the sidewalk has not been cleared. Very dangerous situation. City needs to clear the Hackett Blvd. sidewalk from Holland Ave. to Sycamore St.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    7 Joelson Ct Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Whitehall
    Large tree limb blown down in recent high winds. Other large branches at this address and up the block were also blown down and have been piled on the center island. Trees should be inspected and weak branches removed.
  • Pothole Archived
    Vassar Dr Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany
  • 54 Dartmouth St Albany, NY 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Broken glass in Dartmouth Street at Rose Court.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    186-188 Whitehall Rd Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Whitehall
    City trash can at Whitehall Road and Elbel Court is full.
  • Trash can missing Acknowledged
    205 Pinewood Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Helderberg
    Trash can by the rain garden on Pinewood at Hackett is gone. Please replace. By the CDPHP bike rack might be a better location.
  • 94 Pinewood Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Helderberg
    Sidewalk through rain garden at corner of Pinewood and Hackett has not been shoveled since last snowfall. This walk is surrounded by city property.
  • 156 Whitehall Rd Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Sidewalk on corner of Whitehall and Edgecomb was never cleared after last week's snow storm, it is now an ice sheet. Extremely dangerous for pedestrians who must choose between navigating the ice or walking in the road. Many school children walk on this stretch of Whitehall. It has previously been reported yet the city chose to do nothing. Please deice this sidewalk before someone gets hurt.
  • 135 Hackett Blvd Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Helderberg
    Sidewalk not plowed 24 hours after end of snow storm.
  • 413 New Scotland Avenue Albany, New York - New Scotland
    Door to big belly trash can at corner of New Scotland and W. Erie is stuck closed.
  • Whitehall Road And Cardinal Ave. Albany, New York - Whitehall
    Pedestrian button on south side of Whitehall Road does not work. Pedestrians are forced to either wait for a car to activate the signal or cross on a red light.
  • Zoning Archived
    156 Hackett Blvd. Albany, New York - Whitehall
    This building was formerly a home with a medical office in the lower level. It now contains several residential units in an R-1B district. (5 cars are regularly parked on the property). It appears that the garage has been converted into living space. A 1 bed/1bath unit of 550 square feet is currently listed for rent on Zillow. There is no ROP for this address.
  • 186 Whitehall Road Albany, New York - Whitehall
    At about 5:45 p.m. a group of about 15 children from Meyers Middle School were waiting for a bus at Whitehall Road and Elbel Court. Several were chasing each other back and forth across Whitehall Road, dodging traffic. The school should provide supervision until the children are safely on their bus.
  • 133 Hackett Boulevard Albany, New York - Helderberg
    Road Kill
  • 107 Hackett Boulevard Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    Dead skunk in road.
  • Pothole Archived
    42 Clara Barton Drive Albany, New York - Albany
    Pothole is just west of the center line of the road and is impossible for vehicles travelling south to avoid if there is traffic in both directions. It is an added hazard for pedestrians on a road that does not have sidewalks.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2 Notre Dame Drive Albany, New York - Albany
    Cars entering and exiting parking lots for Albany Med, Albany Law, and Albany Pharmacy face an obstacle course of deep potholes and ruts.
  • Tree Issues Archived
    41 Joelson Ct. Albany, New York - Whitehall
    City cut down tree in 2016. Stump needs to be removed.
  • 167 Hackett Boulevard Albany, New York - Helderberg
    Broken glass on sidewalk/bike path. This has been unremedied for 2 weeks even though street sweepers have been right by the spot. Is there a reason DGS has chosen to ignore this issue?