Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 3,995
  • 3411-3415 High St Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Allendale

    580 East High Street exit off ramp is full of trash dead possum and a multitude of other debris.

    it's absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. Please forward to Caltrans or whatever City department handles this clean up.

    Caltrans needs to step up its maintenance of freeways on ramps and surrounding areas under its responsibility.

  • 3100-3110 Park Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    the picture says it all. this lot is rarely managed by owner. this sidewalk is disgusting, 3 blocks from the high school.
  • 886-898 Cleveland Street Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights

    The collaborative garden at the corner of Park and Cleveland is seeking involvement from local neighbors. This heavy winter has left us with an extensive amount of upkeep including removing fallen trees to a dumpster in the city of Oakland has set up for us.

    If you'd like to get involved in the upkeep and beautification of the local area as well as the garden projects, please email us at

    Looking forward!

  • 2085 Park Blvd Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    Various trash left, pallets, bin, etc. On Corner of Park and Cleveland.
  • 2805 Park Blvd Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights

    Once again, more gifts for the corner.

    This time it's a rug, broken vase, and window blinds.

    Thanks for making it go away!

  • 1503 20th Avenue Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio
    Maroon loveseat. Directly across the street from 1503 20th Avenue.
  • Park Blvd And Mckinley Avenue Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    TJ's shopping cart full of trash, abandoned luggage, chair, blinds.
  • Corner Of Park Blvd And Cleveland Oakland, California - Ivy Hill

    5 bags of trash, 3 of which were dumped, the other two are trash that was collected from the streets by neighbors.

    Thank you for supporting out efforts

  • Corner Of Park Blvd And Cleveland Ave Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    Mattress and pallet dumped, covering storm drain at bottom of hill.
  • 2805 Park Blvd Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    Consolidated local dumpings from under palm trees, neighboring staircase, and general area. Broken chairs, cart, and misc litter bagged up. Stacked at corner.
  • 2016 East 15th St Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio
    These vehicles have been previously reported by tenants of this building with no results. Landlord is a packrat, and needs some sort of supervision. There is a non-functiong truck and a BMW behind the stair cases. Feral cats dwell in the open BMW.
  • 22nd Avenue And Marin Way Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio

    This potential barrel of Hazmat was reported nearly two months ago, and yet it still sits, in plain view, blocking a public sidewalk.

    Remove this now.

  • Xmas Trees Archived
    Corner Of Park Blvd And Cleveland Avenue Oakland, CA - Ivy Hill

    So the locals have decided the outside area of our community garden is a good spot for dumping dead holiday trees.

    Please remove, thank you. Sitting on the corner of the intersection next to the fire hydrant.

  • 23rd Avenue And Marin Way Oakland, CA - Rancho San Antonio
    Full size black barrel on the eastern sidewalk of 23rd Avenue @Marin Way. There is a huge pile of junk additionally right around the corner.
  • 5th Avenue And Foothill Oakland, CA - Clinton

    Missing drain/access cover intersection on western side, about the size of a salad plate, was filled with sand but has worn down...

    This is an official, heavily used bike lane, please fix asap.

  • Park And Cleveland Oakland, CA - Ivy Hill

    On Park Blvd heading down towards the lake(west?) directly in front of the community garden. Heard many cars hit this very loudly and then jam brakes because they thought they had a flat or had hit something. Quite hazardous. Also in the space a bicyclist would normally occupy.

    Thank you.

  • Park Blvd And Van Dyke Avenue Oakland, CA - Ivy Hill

    This is a BIG problem spot, one of the two apartment building located on the corner has been using this spot consistently to rid themselves of tenant leftovers. There are other dumpings along Park between this location and Oakland High School, single furniture objects like stools and boxes.

    The whole of the street should be reviewed by City crew, including the storm drains, some of which are building up.

    Thank you for your service.

  • Park Blvd And Cleveland Street Oakland, CA - Ivy Hill
    Two dumper chairs underneath palm trees been there for about 3 weeks now.